Commando infinite

hey all i heard that commando has a infinite on sentinel is this true?.:hitit:


it’s j.lp,,

the timing is tap…tap…tap

ahh thx going to try it :rock:

uh, well maybe I just suck, but when I try doing the infinite listed above on sentinel I can only get the j.lp and in. the doesn’t seem to come out. Are you sure that works?

…Is it possible to do it on the xbox version? cuz it only has no medium only weak n fierce.

theres no medium kick or punch in marvel… the mediums come out when you do a combo. so if your far away and not hitting the opponent youre never gonna do a medium p,k. when you combo push lp or or lk again to make the mp or mk come out. ex: magneto : Launch, lp,lk,lp(mp),lk(mk), Hp.

Will Commandos Inf work with other characters besides Sent?:rolleyes:

so you jump in the air, jab, jab, fierce kick, land, repeat?

Yes. It’s not very useful, and on top of that, the timing is fairly strict.

useless ass inf…he has three other asst. char. does no justice for him to have an inf.

Sounds like that storm infinite against sentinel, that ONLY works on sentinel because he is so damn big.

I’ve had that used on my sentinel, ouch heheh.

Should learn this myself



do you hav more capcomm vids at youtube? it’s very rare… or like a match vid highlighting capcomm?

i really need it… tnx

Weird, maybe its because im using the DC version, but im doing the exact same combo as the vid, and it DOES infinite, but my combo meter only reaches two hits and then resets…

Try get some match vids of Genghis, Duc has a decent commando too.

i’ve searched youtube, but i can’t find any genghis vids… do you know where to find one? Tnx

How the hell do you do this infinite? I cannot get more than 4 hits on the DC version. Where is the strict timing located on the lp mp rh sequence? I tried it for hours yesterday. Didn’t get more than 6.

Explain it like this: On the iron man infinte, you could just press the two punches quickly pause then kick fierce. Would someone explain the timing better pleasE?