Commando priority question



Has anybody ever notice when you assists with CapCom AAA and Your opponent assist with Doom AAA , CapCom AAA will win out over Dooms AAA sometimes even though he’s not suppose to . Why is that ? :confused:


Because Doom only counter acts Commando when he’s called BEFORE Commando.


When called at the exact same time or earlier, Doom beats Commando. However, if Doom is called a bit later and/or his distance is off, he’ll get clobbered. What this means practically is that if you’re approaching someone who is likely to be mashing on Commando button, calling Doom to protect yourself is pointless. Only call him after you’re already close to protect yourself from the AAA that will push you out of range.


the thing about commando, is he isn’t instant…

so as long as there’s an attack out there in his range of landing, he will be outprioritized… what’s instant is the column, he lands, punches, boom, column to top of screen…

but if Doom’s rocks are spinning in his general area, he’ll eat them as he jumps in…