Commando Reset



Is this just random or is there anyway to make it more consistant? I found it while messing around in training mode.

-s.lp,,, call in storm proj, sj.lp, lp, fp, assist hits, land, captain storm during the auto-roll.

8/10 the captain storm would whiff, but every now and then I would get it to hit, but it would be from the opposite side. Say Capcom dashes left to right during the super. Well, during the reset, the initial super start up is left to right, but the hitting characters come from right to left.

It also causes a very noticeable screen shift as well, which I found interesting.

Another reset thats more reliable:

-s.lp,,, call in storm proj, sj.lp, lp, fp, assist hits, falling lp, land, dash in c.lp, c.fp xx captain storm.


I’m geussing its a forced roll cross up situation - when an assist hits otg after FS.

With Bonerine you can do (midscreen) d+LP and drones, d+mp, HK, sj fast lk, hp - drones hit them as they land - basically the drones hit as an otg(i.e as low as possible) - Bonerine can dash behind them when they get up.

EDIT - messed around in training mode today - better set up with commnado is hk and storm proj, sj Lp slight delay Hp, storm proj causes auto roll/forced roll - do capt storm as the opponent is about to get up/almost standing - if you do it too early it’ll whiff.