Commentary on Desk's FADC 2 and Daigo's Full Parry

Hey, apologies if this breaks the rules about linking to other sites, but I wrote a commentary and breakdown on Desk’s FADC Episode 2 and Daigo’s Full Parry as part of a weekly column about skill in videogames and I’d like to know what you guys think about it and contribute more videos if you have them.

My stock of videos for review comes from these 3 playlists I compiled:

Any comments would be appreciated. Desk really liked my article about him. They’re written for people without much knowledge so sorry if the language talks down a bit.

What about mental skills?

Very acceptable (hell, it would be really great, I don’t think I have much like that). I was going to do a review of Kusoru’s tribute video which is filled with mental skills sometime soon.

IDK it’s kinda like the points miss the bigger picture.

For example- The parry isn’t some miraculous thing on its own. Without knowing the scene and its back story you can’t really understand it. It was viral at the time because it was before the youtube-match vid blowup years so the western FG scene have yet to see many things that the players in JP arcades took for granted. And in the case of 3S the disparity in levels of the 2 scenes never stopped being enormous. It’s also easy to understand for non-gamers because of something flashy and relatively obvious on screen combined with huge screaming crowd. But these outside factors should not be considered if your goal is purely to pick the best, most accurate displays of “skill”.

While Desk is extremely dexterous, combo vids etc. don’t really capture the essence of this multiplayer genre compared to real matches between 2 highly skilled players.

There’s nothing wrong with the examples themselves per se but only presenting them gives a skewed view and may even give the readers a wrong impression.

Edit: And trolling would be an even worse example. I mean Kusoru is skilled to somehow make the lulz work but you can’t explain it in the right context to people who don’t already know and understand fighting games on a more deeper level.

This isn’t a column about fighting games exclusively. It’s a broader column on skill in video games with a couple of fighting game articles (other articles include devil may cry, counter strike, an article on cancels, smash bros (though it is a fighting game)). If it were a column on fighting games then I would go research the people who have written on the basics before me and try to encapsulate those views.

Though I understand your criticisms, thank you. I’ll consider my topics more carefully in the future.

I’m still open to all videos, not just beginner friendly stuff, I collect for my own interests too.

No need to make a new update on your blog, you can make your thoughts right here. Please ignore the commentary from my silly roommate.

You should do an article about shmups.

Just don’t call them “memorizers” or I will be possessed with an urge to bang my head against a wall (it’s a crime in my eye’s).