Commodore 64 is back. Play Bruce Lee in HD

I don’t know about Bruce Lee, but here’s the page: Commodore USA

My teacher just told me about this. I’m confused whether this is real.

lol This is pretty serious stuff.

Haha that’s pretty cool.

It’s not absurdly powerful, but the novelty of using a C64 to surf the net and run Duke Nukem Forever moderately well might be worth the $895. For the full experience, they should make the keyboard crap out from time to time and force you to re-attach the wires to make it run again. The classic game package sounds neat.

Not a fan of Ubuntu, but it looks like they give the option to dual-boot.

This thing’s biggest strength is novelty, I honestly would like to own one.

Shipping tomorrow

C64 was my first computer…man, I played the shit out of that thing…

I only want 3 games, Arnie, Arnie 2 and Druid

I’d rather have a computer shaped as an Amiga 500.

I just built something similar into a PS3 case…though I’m going the 'emulate everything with a MAMEWAH front-end - on mine (>_<)

AMD zacate or did you cheap out and go with atom?

From what I remember I think I ended up still going down the AMD route, I haven’t had anythign intel since my P3 450…

  • :bluu:

Ah, the C64. I remember playing my very first fighting game “Exploding Fists” I really wish they would make an updated version of that game.

Oh, and let’s not forget Karateka

OH! and Barbarian! That green troll dragging away the bodies made me laugh.