Common Core Will Turn Your Kids Gay


I know this could have gone in the Florida thread, but whatever.


Yes, because there is a way to suddenly make someone begin lusting after the same sex…





I always knew it would be math that would turn me gay.


The Common Core all boils down to how far students are willing to take that dick up there arseholes.

I’m not siding with the loony FL Rep but the Common Core itself is fucking gay, and will force itself upon you whether you like it or not.



Because to them sexuality is a choice (despite the fact science blatantly disputes that), so anything that might sway the choices of children towards homosexuality are evil and vile things.

On a side topic to that thought, I’ve always found it funny how conservatives always seem to be so concerned with things that will make boys gay but not things that will make girls gay. It’s almost as if lesbians aren’t as bad. I mean sure, they’ll tell you we’ll still go to hell. But if something has little boys dancing around in frilly tutus it’s definitely gonna get a lot more attention than little girls playing army or football.


If you can pull yourself away from your alcoholism, rain dances, man hating, and promiscuous sex long enough to stop making broad generalizations about conservatives, that’d be awesome.


So homosexuality is chemicals telling you to like dick? Or puss?

But what if you like both? What does that mean?


(This was pretty inevitable.)

That said, while I do think that “The Common Core” is ultimately a good thing or, at least, a current improvement in the piss poor structure of most of America’s education, the current formatting of a lot of the questions in the materials I’ve seen really need to be revised to be clearer. It’s rather difficult to teach kids what they’re supposed to learn as it is and only becomes increasingly so when you add vague stuff like “number sentence” without explaining what the fuck a “number sentence” actually is.

It means you become a mythical creature that no one believes exists even when confronted with that.

Unfortunately you still can’t get away with murder, but you at least get these bitching sparkles when sun hits you just right; too bad those were kinda ruined by Twilight.


if you’re a dude you’re fucked and doomed to either obscure porn, a drug related death, or posting on a fighting game message board

if you’re a chick, rock on you’re the most normal of us all. But you’re doing it wrong.



I am still confused by the whole choice/genetics bullshit but I can see this 1950’s propaganda campaign getting real funny. So keep it updated sucker.


That means someone has had too many chemicals. KayoPoliceFaceJoke again.


This isnt about common core, this is about AIR doing some bullshit.

Instead of mooks like AIR getting these exam contracts, why not just have a federal department under the purvey of secretary of education to control this in all states using common core (which is a cool thing!) and then old white guys dont need to look so terrified of the D on youtube.

Politics smdh.


So let’s take a step back to admire the dumbest sentence in the entire OP that was quoted

Isn’t @Dramatix our resident gay dude in GD? Or do I have my names wrong. If I am correct, what is the highest degree of being “as gay as you possibly can”? Do all your outfits have to include sequins? Do you have to try to answer every inquiry with lyrics from Queen?


I’ll concede that ‘not all conservatives are like that’. That’s a pretty big group of people and I’m sure there’s some exceptions in there. But anytime there’s a political or social movement against gays or gay rights it’s pretty much always coming from people who would identify as ‘conservatives’.

I’d rather not get into the semantics of what it means to be a conservative, but from my perspective that’s how I would define them. And if you wish to identify yourself with them that’s your prerogative.

Regardless however my point still stands: Something threatening male heterosexuality seems to be a much greater concern than something threatening female heterosexuality. And the males who define their sexuality outside of the heterosexual norm often suffer for it.


Yeah I laughed at that too. Are there tiers of gaydom? Will 4 year old boys be running around in drag, with an infectious bite that causes homo?


Well according to Eric Cartman, Cirque de Cheville is ‘Fag factor 5’.


common core ia fucking gay though. we already have a system that makes children emasculated losers. we dont need them to get stupider.