Common Ground 360 Pads

Is there a way of telling if a pad has common ground just by opening it. Or are there any specific pads that always have common ground boards, ie the Madcatz.

Madcatz 360 Gamestick (the atari looking controller) has common ground if you can find one.

Thanks, Thats this one isn’t it

Good thread. It’s about time we had some kind of central place to both discuss this topic, and cache all of the information regarding it. I’m surprised something like this wasn’t thought of sooner.

I just hope someone addresses trigger setups, there doesn’t seem to be any info on that anywhere either. I even thought about searching but didn’t have the time.


Well I have a wired 360 pad that I never use as it came with my 360 on release day and I’m looking to build an Arcade Stick. If anybody has any pictures of common ground or non-common ground official 360 pads or of any 3rd party pads that would be great.

Hey guys, why does everyone hate '09 posters so much here?

Get yourself a multimeter and start testing points.