Common Ground 360 wireless ?!?!?!?

Is there a way to see if a 360 wireless controller is common ground before buying. By serial numbers or packaging etc ?

Nope. I think the arrangement of logos on the sticker above the warranty sticker differs and does according to slagcoins pics. But to check that you would need to break the packaging and then remove the battery pack.

Crap thats what i would figure. I bought a black wireless controller and thought it was a common ground

You can either get a Halo version which is CG according to everything I’ve read, or e-mail an eBay user and ask them to remove the battery pack on a used pad and check. There shouldn’t be any reason you have to buy it new for padhacking.

Spot on, and some sound advice. I think I’ll be doing that when I finally come around to building a wireless stick. Finished my first wired PCB a few weeks ago so seems only right to attempt wireless.

Thanks Bro for the advice.