Common ground PCB

Hey guys,
I am currently in the process of building a fightstick.
I plan to hack and Xbox controller then add a chimp SMD so I can have Ps3 capabilities as well.

I picked up a PDP versus controller and I was wondering if anyone knows if the PCB is common ground or not? or if there is a way for me to find out without opening it up.

also from what i have heard not having a Common ground PCB makes installation alot harder, could anyone tell me the repercussions?


PDP versus controller is the exception to the rule for common ground as it will not work for dual mods with out extensive hacking of each button input by means of diodes and transistors. You are better off with the Mad Catz Fight pad

Non common ground PCBs have to be done in hackish ways to make it work, in short. The only pad that even considered is the PS3 SIXAXIS, since it’s the only wireless PS3 PCB, and not common ground. But, there’s already a PCB that forces it to be common ground, the Leo PCB. But other than that, it’s got a lot of hacking to work a non-common ground PCB, and it would be just easier to get a common ground PCB.

so in other words its time to return that bad boy haha.

thanks i appreciate the quick responses.