Common Ground PS3 controller?

Anyone know of any common ground wired PS3 controllers? Please link me as well. Thanks.

-Tha Hindu

I’m using Gioteck wired controllers (15, found them in HMV).
Comes with 8ft USB cable.

The D-pad & buttons are all common ground – hell, the shoulders are practically pre-wired! - but I’m having problems with Start/Select sending too much voltage to the PS3 atm; still investigating how to solve that.

I think toodles is your answer for that. Though I do hear that there is a Hori Turbo 3 Pad I think on Play Asia that is Common Ground.

Anyone have any knowledge on the after glow PS3 controllers from Gamestop? I heard they were common ground. Also, what about these:

or one of those wired hong kong ones?

-Tha Hindu

I’m about to order a batch of Cthulhu boards; if all you’re after is CG PS3, I can send you one of the first batch I made for Ed Farias; Only trick is you’d have to solder the USB cable to the board. The spots on the side for stick and directions are easy access, and they are all routed to a separate set of points on one end for wiring up in a dual PCB config that’s already been tested as working with a MadCatz 360 pad. You can see pics in the ‘thinking of making a new board’ thread. If you’re ok with soldering it together yourself (super duper easy) then send me a PM and I can let one of these go cheap. The less work I have to do to it, the far cheaper it is :slight_smile: