Common signal on d-pad? Idk

I’m trying to use this cheap pc controller for a friends stick. I soldered normally, there were even little “pads” of exposed metal, I guess for manufacturer testing, that I soldered too.

It all worked fine too, except Up activates Down, and Right activates Left (Down and Left work properly.), So I pulled out the bored and noticed Up and Right lead right to Down and Left, but through a small component (Not sure what it is, I don’t know much past resistors and capacitors)

That’s the best picture I can get right this second, but I can get a better on if needed. I traced all the paths as accurate as I could in M$ Paint.

I have no idea what I would need to do, I’ve never seen a d-pad wired like this.

get a better picture.

Those are the exact traces… I can get a clearer picture for the sake of it, but it won’t give anyone any more information.