Community Advice?

I recorded a few replays i had saved up. Feel free to comment on my play and fill in the holes in my game. Just Visit my channel to see the rest. Thank You.


Im not a juri player so i can’t comment on the match. But what i CAN do, is tell you you should better go over to the juri forums. Im not angry or anything, just telling. There is a thread stickied there for people to post their juri videos so other juri players can tell them about their strengths and weaknesses.

im not really looking for juri specifics. im looking for gameplay specifics (eg. jumping, blocking, etc.)
but thanks.

Post it on the Juri forum.

0:11 - Whiffed Divekick, should’ve been punished. I don’t see why you need to divekick Viper unless you punish a whiff. When you land you have a big disadvantage that Viper can use to open up her mixups.

0:17 - That was easily telegraphed and that’s why you ate the anti-air. I have no idea if you can safe jump it or not.

0:21 - Slightly delay the C.MK after Fuhajin release. If you do it early, it’s just a straight block string but if you do it a bit later you can catch them pressing buttons and get the counter hit.

0:45 to 0:52 - I don’t get this sequence. FSE activate, and then backdash? You have better options in ambiguous crossup J.LK, safe jump NJ.HK. Backdash would only catch a high knuckle whiff or random ultra. Also, you missed the cancel from C.LK to F+MK. If they spammed jabs you would’ve been stopped cold as most people do during FSE since Juri can’t really beat it.

0:58 - You missed the hitconfirm and you should’ve ended with Fuhajin store, but you got lucky that he was mashing buttons.

1:17 - Obvious missed punish

1:36 - Pinwheel after throwbreak? I don’t see any good coming from that, ever.

1:50 - Two missed anti-airs by Viper, don’t get jump happy in FSE because if they anti-air you and knock you down, they can rush you for free since Juri sucks at getting up. Also, another FSE activate - backdash that makes no sense.

k thank you.

Stop doing the jump back fireball

Well there were a lot of mistakes that I saw there, but hey if you weren’t expecting that you wouldn’t have posted this, right? The Viper you played was pretty bad, a good Viper would have had a TON of opportunities to punish you throughout that match, only a few of which she capitalized on and did so poorly.

The biggest problem I noticed is you are jumping WAY too much. Like 80% of that match consisted of you jumping in or out. Jumping puts you at a massive disadvantage unless spaced properly at the proper time, you should aim to spend 80-90% of every match on the ground depending on your character (obviously somebody like Rufus or Cammy will spend a lot of time in the air dive kicking).

You also seemed to be rushing down with Juri. Juri is a zoning and footsies character, not a rush down, and she is far better when doing what she was built to do. I mean if that’s your playstyle, by all means stick with it, but you would probably be better changing to a character more suited for rushdown if you want to do that.

Another big thing though is that you were throwing out a TON of unsafe moves on top of jumping constantly. This leaves you open to punishment all the time against good players. Learn your character’s block strings and BnBs and how to apply them and use hitconfirms to go into them, and make sure you learn which moves are and are not safe.

thank you both. im trying to work on my ground approach with her. its rather difficult for some reason for me. im rather new to fighting games so my fundamentals dont exist. i played vanilla and if you look at my other videos there is one from those days and its rather unsightly. my footsies are sub sub par and im trying to step it up. any advice?

I don’t know Juri all that well, so really all I can say is practice. Read up on your best pokes try to learn their range in training mode. Also remember how active hit boxes work to effectively increase the range of your pokes when timed properly in zoning (i.e. if your opponent attacks and you react appropriately, you can hit them out of recovery frames, but if you connect during active frames then it depends on priority, so it takes practice).

An active hitbox is the hitbox of their characters limb(s) that sticks out when they use a move.