Community Based Balanced Project : USFIV


Hello everyone, Today I would like to tell you a little about a project my team will be working on.

While playing one of our favorite fighting game, we often wonder how things could have been different, Why capcom decided to do this, why have they not done that.

Well, Gone are the days of wondering, with today’s talent and internet connectivity we have already taken the necessary steps to customise out favorite fighting platform, whether it be costumes to gameplay changes, we all have different tastes.

The Idea

  With the release of USFIV on PC approaching quickly, we've decided we were unhappy with the way Capcom has handled balancing the game, some changes made no sense, and some were left out for no reason.
  Well, Now is your chance to voice your opinion, we want to take the community consensus and apply that idea in aspect.

How it works

   We will have personnel assigned to strictly compiling and submitting changes for the editing team, our views are moot, it's the community's decision to make a change for better or worse.

What this means for you

   While capcom is the authority over USFIV, we feel they have not lived to standard we expect, and you should expect better, voicing your idea's and at least have that idea not immediately dismissed.
   We welcome your thoughts and ideas and feedback.

Why this thread?

   Glad you asked! :)
   We are looking for talented individuals, 
   Available Spots on the team:
    Gameplay Editors : proficient use of the ono editor required, This role make's the actual gameplay changes
    Gameplay Designers : proficient use on the english language required, ability to write idea's so it's easy for the editors to understand, This role decides how a change is preformed, laid out, the "look & feel"
    Community Representative : Able to read and understand sometimes illegible forum posts, reasoning and math skills,  this role will take in community feedback, answer questions and compile a list of the most requested idea's
    QA Tester : Testing and review of changes, this role must own USFIV on pc .... :)

If you think you would be a good fit for this team, please leave a post below, tell us the role you’re applying for, your experience in said role.

Gameplay editors : Past work, or equivalent knowledge of the ono editor, game file internal structure, Persons applying if chosen, will be tested.

All roles will be chosen by team consensus.


Looking forward how this will turn out. Best of luck to you and your future team.


You’ve been in SRK 5 years and don’t know what’s going to happen in this thread!?


Good luck. Im hoping if you can get pc to be the new standard to play on as well. That every can have a better game like how pm is.


i have the same opinion about projectM as mew2king, and most likely it apply to this project


Might as well give up now, even if you end up completing this project in some magical way, hardly anyone woud play it seriousely, even if it is a more balanced.
People want to play the game everyone else is playing, segregation of the player pool is not something to strife for. And everyone would have to either switch to PC or mod their console.


What, people are going to vote on balance changes? That’s the only solution worse than Capcom’s balance methods.


I’ve already started messing around with Elena in Ono just for my own amusement. I’d be happy to contribute.

I have some things I’ve been doing below. This is just an example to give an idea of how I’ve been thinking about the game and I welcome feedback.

Some examples of what I’ve done so far:

Cr. LK is now +4 on hit, +1 on block (from +3/0). This was achieved by decreasing the move’s recovery frames.
HK Lynx Tail gets all hits more consistently than before (still in testing).
Corrected various sound and graphical effects.

  • St. LK played the whiff sound effect on the wrong frame and also played the LP whiff sound - the frame has been fixed and the sound effect has been changed to LK.
  • St. HK played the same whiff sound as MK attacks - this has been changed to the same whiff sound as HK attacks.
  • Hit sparks on Scratch Wheel and Rhino Horn were intended for use on normals - these effects have been changed to Special hit sparks.
  • Forward throw’s sounds have been changed. The first two hits are now MK sound effects, and the last hit is now a HK sound. Also, damage on the final hit was increased from 40 to 50 (bring total damage up from 120 to 130).
    EX Rhino Horn played the Hadoken hit sound effect on the last hit - this has been changed to the same sound effect as the other two hits.
    Ultra I’s first hit played the LK sound on hit - this has been changed to HK (sounds much better this way!).

Still TODO:
Second hit of St. MP should be cancelable.
St. HP’s hitbox should extend a bit lower so that it consistently hits crumpled opponents.
HP -> HK Target Combo should be at least 0 on hit (possibly +3 on counter hit so it’s useful as a Focus counter).
LK Scratch Wheel does only one hit, as in SFXT (100 damage, 100 stun, when used as early anti-air 60 damage, 50 stun) and has strike invincibility on startup. (need testing to determine frames, etc.)
Spin Scythe should get all hits more consistently on crouching characters.
Lynx Tail (except for the EX version) should be somewhat safer on block.
Ultra I’s invincibility frames should extend until the first active frame (to prevent trades when using as an anti-projectile).


Can a mod close this? as receiving mostly negative feedback, we will pursue other ventures.

All hail project Eternity! :3