Community Built MvC3 Tier List Made by... US!


Hey, fellow fighters. I thought it’d be fun to make a community tier list on MvC3, then match it up with the first pro ones that are coming out.

So, here’s how it works. Next to a list of the names, you put down, next to the character, “top, upper, mid, low, bottom.” It’s just your own opinion. Anyway, I take that as “+2, +1, 0, -1, -2.” Then, after enough people have posted, I’ll take it, compile all the results, make a tier list based off of those votes, and throw it back down! So, in other words, let’s say you vote Sentinel top tier, he gets two points. Another person votes him upper tier, he gets 1 point. At the end, I organize the tier list by these points.


top = +2 pts
upper = +1 pt
mid = 0 pt
low = -1pt
bottom = -2 pts

Also, don’t be afraid to rank characters. This is just a fun tier list! I’d like to do this with other games eventually, but MvC3 is new, and we can see how it matches up later! Community, agooooo!!!

Captain America - Mid
Deadpool - Mid
Doctor Doom - Mid
Dormammu - Upper
Hulk - Mid
Iron Man - Upper
Magneto - Upper
Phoenix - Low
Sentinel - Top
She-Hulk - Low
Spider-man - Mid
Storm - Upper
Super Skrull - Mid
Taskmaster - Mid
Thor - Low
Wolverine - Mid
X-23 - Mid
Akuma - Low
Amaterasu - Low
Arthur - Upper
Chris Redfield - Mid
Chun-Li - Upper
Dante - Top
Felicia - Upper
Hagar - Low
Hsein-Ko - Low
Morrigan - Low
Ryu - Mid
Spencer - Bottom
Trish - Mid
Tron Bonne - Mid
Viewtiful Joe - Low
C. Viper - Mid
Wesker - Upper
Zero - Upper


It’s too early for this.


to clarify: I strongly dislike the format, but that’s largely irrelevant. The larger issue is that it would be swell to wait through this weekend’s tourneys (at the least) before creating a thread upon this. At that point, it would seem to make sense t o have a Tier Discussion Thread. But right now it seems like everybody is still figuring everything out.