Community Collaboration for New Fight game

Hi i want to open a collaborative dialogue with the community on the advancement of fighting games After playing countless years of fighting games such as “Streetfighter”, blazeblue, and others we found ourselves wondering (the more things change the more they stay the same) you have allot of great fighting games but when it boils down to it not much if anything ever changes.

**1. Controls_ Most fight game controls reminds me of the old (Twitch) wars back in the (FPS) heydays where muscle memory and reflexes gave you an slight advantage, now with fighting games you have a series of button taps and circles and half circles to master but again not much has changed since the 90’s and the genre is really lacking in creativity. **


2. Stages_ One the most overlooked and insanely boring aspects in this genre, i mean really select any stage and it’s guaranteed to add absolutely zero in terms of interacting with the characters or somehow effecting the outcome of the match.


3. Uniqueness_ Most fight game designs are bland or standard and don’t really leave an impression on the consumers with their design just google some of your favorite fighting game cast and have a look, it’s like a well organized family picture where everyone just fits in (No one extreme to the next)



**So this is where the (community collaboration) part comes into play if you could create your own advanced fighting game of the future what features would you give it to advance the Genre beyond it’s current state. **


  1. Controls ??**

2. Stages ??
3. Uniqueness ??

Special moves motions are there because they take TIME to perform- so you’d have to commit to certain moves some time in advance and NOT be able use them purely on reflex.
Before you can criticize design, you first need to fully understand it.

BTW welcome to SRK.

Edit: A QCF motion is not a motion you’d get with the joystick movement you’d normally make in a match, so you’ll only get it when you mean it. Change it to something simpler as an FF+X or a BF+X and it will cause problems.
The basic SF2 design, that became the template for the genre, is smarter than you might think.

I don’t really agree with any of these points…

No. Go away.

  1. You can’t get rid of or make strange and weird sp.motions because you want it.
  2. Nobody likes when floor, walls or other random factors make you loose.
  3. No it isn’t (or I totally don’t understand what degree of “uniqueness” you want).

Basically in a nutshell 90% of all current fight games are designed around the controls that take TIME to learn with little attention given to other parts of the game and you are fine with this basic template being the standard for some 16 years and counting ??

Everyone has opinions and i would love to hear yours on what you would change or make improvements on or are you contempt with the way things are ??

Thank you for welcome, i have been playing fight games for over 10 years i understand there needs to be some change in the genre much like the FPS genre has changed from the twitch and aiming days to great strategy titles like BIOshock and Crysis

I agree with you OP. I want my own fighter to get made. What is it?

The most fucked up fighting game ever made. A fighter with controls and gameplay so smooth, so perfect, you'd think the developers sold their souls to the Devil himself. A fighter with depth that would impress even Daigo. A fighter that is disturbed, and makes no attempts to hide it. A fighter with the most gruesome, sickeningly brutal moves imaginable. A fighter with characters and violence so over the top, yet cruelty so real, you feel a strange sense of both surrealness and unnerving realism. A fighter with graphics rivalling those of Crysis with the latest mods, all the better to bring the realness of the filth to your eyes. A fighter so vile, that Ed Boon himself does an interview on IGN just to explain how he feels the game has gone "too far". A fighter so repulsive, that the mainstream media refuses to cover it, as they fear any coverage will simply encourage people to try it. A fighter so filthy, that Australia and Germany not only ban it, but impose prison sentences upon anyone who dares to import the game.

A fighter so fucked up, that extremist Muslim countries ban it for being "too violent". A fighter so horrfying, the Pope makes a statement that only a demon could have created such a game. A fighter that is so terrifying, anyone who plays is plagued with horrible nightmares and night terrors. A fighter so unnerving, that Mike Ross even mentioning it on a stream causes the stream monsters to stop posting, as they become filled with dread at the mere mention of this game. A fighter so disgustingly sick that japanese fighting game devs admire the gameplay mechanics and would like to study them, but are too afraid to even load the game. A fighter where even a simple combo can make you feel as though you've horribly maimed a person for life. A fighter so extreme wealthy Russian mobsters and Japanese Yakuza sell it on the blackmarket, mistaking it for a snuff film. A fighter so horrific, that countless urban legends get spread about it:

"I heard the devs sold their souls to the Devil, and he showed them the most gruesome tortures in Hell and they put what they saw in the game..."

"A friend of my brother's gf said her cousin played the game one night, and the next morning his hair was white and he became a mute..."

"I heard that if you beat the game, you can't ever look into a mirror again, or the final boss grabs you and pulls you into the mirror..."

"Mah homeboy told me that the characters screams when they get hit and killed are real, the devs killed people and recorded the sounds to put into the game, and they paid off the police..."

A fighter so nasty, Putin would run screaming out of the room after the first loading screen. A fighter that unnerves you, makes you feel ill, makes you feel disgusted, and yet you can't look away, you can't stop... A fighter that is so dreadful, you feel as though merely watching a video of it in action makes you feel like you've committed a sin so horrible, no god could ever forgive you. A fighter so malevolent, that despite how amazing the gameplay is, despite how deep the game is, despite how fun, the game is banned from EVO, and anyone who even dares to mention it at EVO is escorted off the premises by armed guards and is forced to sign a contract stating they will NEVER mention that game ever again at a fighting game community event, under penalty of prison time.

One day, this game will be made. When it does, the fighting game community will never be the same.

Until then, here are a few features this game will have.

-Limb based control system ala Tekken, with a jump, run, and block button
-Indepth and skillful dodging and countering/combo breaker system using the block button
-Movement using the left analog trigger, can creep slowly, walk normally, or run quickly depending on how the trigger is used
-Can grab items and walls/use the environment to your advantage
-Special limb based climbing system, you can climb up some walls and on other objects as well
-Can use numerous weapons found in the environments in addition to normal hand to hand combat
-Combos are insane, highly skillful and free flowing, like Bayonetta
-Lots of blood and gore, dismemberment system(like NG2 and Bushido Blade)
-Large arenas with fully interactive environments including safety hazards and deathtraps

Oh and guess what? This game will have a very very special fatality system…

The fatality system is gonna be something never done before. This is how it will work. When your opponent is low on life, you will be able to connect with a special unblockable attack that each character will have, this attack becomes available only when the opponent is at very low health. If the attack misses you lose your opportunity to do it again. If it connects however, the following occurs:

A special meter will appear as you enter “Death Mode”. This is the death meter. You now have 2 options. You can either input special motions to do your character’s fatalities, and of course the death bar will be full immediately and your character does their finisher. However in Death Mode you can choose to brutalize your opponent instead, and you will now be able to viciously beat them with as many insane combos as you want, as the majority of your attacks will be able to be linked together much much easier, allowing for you to basically beat the living shit out of your opponent hardcore style for a time. As you beat on them, the death meter slowly fills up, and once it is full, the final attack you perform will kill your opponent and they will collapse on the floor; a broken and beaten mess. Characters will have very gory and brutal fatalities, including but not limited to horrific tortures, brutalities, and barbaric atrocities.

This looks like a joke topic.

Stage interactions don’t need to be random. If done right they simply add to another level of strategy in the fights. No different from a real life street fight.

And nobody will love when somebody can jump on the box and poke you with long safe sweep which counts as a low hit and you unable do something because even projectiles hit the box and not him. Or something like that.

Hi i’m here for the duration of this discussion nice to meet you please explain your comments better so i can try to reply to them

  1. this is your opinion

  2. Why not random factors can add a nice value to the genre instead of this guy is my target and this is all i have to worry about

  3. Modok and shuma- Gorath are great examples of extreme designs you don’t see much of in this genre

Hi thank you for your comment this is the same line of thought i had like grabbing a person out the crowd and throwing them at your opponent or maybe have hostile environments where water is filling the stage the more the characters fight, if done correctly it could be an advanced version of time mode if done right.

You can jump on the box and kick his ass, plus the game would be coded as such that such an attack would not count as a “low hit”. This is a 3d game though, can’t speak for a 2d one.

NewChallenger, randomness is generally bad as far as stages go, hazards and other environmental factors should stay constant. IE. In Def jam FFNY, in the subway stage the train always comes at regular intervals and it’s very obvious when it does, making it fair for all players. Your flooded stage idea is nice and can work if done well.

Hi thank you for your response, you are right and if any development team implemented such a one sided broken element into a game with no testing i would cry bloody murder as well, a way to solve this is to give melee based character skills and options to use against ranged attack characters who would exploit the boxes to their advantage, but i would not hold it against the ranged character for using his/her surroundings to secure victory, it’s no different than backing your 2-D opponent up and unloading on him at the end of the screen or using the same cheap shot over and over again

Note taken, if you could implement a stage with regular intervals to add to the stage what would you implement ??

It’s not


That wasn’t a good change. Give me back UT and Quake.

  1. How is “reality” a good argument for a copetitive game.
  2. What kind of real life street fights involve jumping onto crates and different heights and shit.

You know what else “real” street fights don’t have? Crouching and jumping and special moves.

I think I found your game.

Thrill Kill didn’t make it, and neither will this shit.

You’re not fooling anyone MahJawn.

UT and Quake were and still are good but change is good do you remember Rune, now that was a good game

  1. I think you are over analyzing the (Reality) part a bit too much it’s not like he’s asking for headshots in the game

  2. well you would be amazed at how people use their environments when they are faced with danger, but we are talking gaming and adding something different to the dullness of stages for starters a warehouse scene with crates and other items that can be used or destroyed it’s just an idea.

real life fights do have crouching and jumping and special moves (Fighting style moves) can be considered special as they have to be taught in order to know how to use them so that makes them special :wgrin:

I think it would be cool if someone made a fighting game based off of the Avatar: The Last Airbender universe.