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Lets gather up two or three different aspects we can see Zangief beeing changed. two or three different ways that we can still be happy with the char.

Lets make a list for

Improving the current Zangief.

Reverting to super Zangief

Redesign(yet again)


Improving the current Zangief:

here I see.

Making EX-hand +2onhit. Never only one hit when going through fireballs. 4/5 instead of 4/4

Increasing damage on all light attacks to 40

decreasing low hurtbox on help vs. Ryu which is become alot harder in 2012 than AE due to stuffing which is used to again stuff fireballs.) Increasing high hurtbox to make it easier to whiffpunish it.

KKK Lariat full fireball invincibility.

EX-Hand fadc backdash -4/5 not -10 or whatever.

Give Light flats better properties for cancling out fireballs.

Light flats 0 on hit medium flats -1 on hit. Same on Block as before.

Reverting to SuperZangief

Greenhands need better Properties to cancle out Fireballs.

All command throws must get lower damage, while giving the EX-Greenhand its knockdown back. Also U2/U1 needs less damage. should be 4/5 instead of 4/4 (startup / +onhit)

KKK Lariat needs to have full Fireball invincibility from the startup.

Lariat should NOT hit crouching opponents even on startup.

damage changes:

L.SPD 150 - M.SPD 170 - H.SPD 190 - EXSPD 190- Suplex: 190 - Running bear grab - 200

Damage on should be upped 10 Points.

Damage on c.lp from 20 to 30. from 30 to 40.

EX-Hand damage upped 20points

Grab ranges and EX-Hand
If EX-Hand gets it knockdown back, Grabs should have their range reduced back to Super SFIV. At the same time, the range EX-hand hits should not be changed.


I don’t really think he needs that many changes honestly. I’d really just like to see either his dash recover more quickly for fadcing forward through fireballs, OR his running bear grab speed improved (possibly just remove the start up where he stands there throwing his arms in the air). If I’m being greedy though, I’d like to see his far have the recovery it has in ST and an ever so slight increase in damage from his normals. Lastly, if they are going to make RBG usable, the ex version absorbing two hits would be nice so it could counter sagat’s The counter to RBG should be jumping or your armor breaker, not just doing the same 2-hit poke that would be used anyway.


I actually think RBG is balanced. If you do suplex too early, you will start the run and grab em as soon as possible. and If you a emptyjump suplex, you get punished if they do backjump. Its a fair risk vs. reward


Imho it will be cool if RBG got faster start-up and we are able to chose how long it walk keeping pushed K

360+K = just 1 step forward
360+K(hold) = last long as the ex version


I’ve posted a whole bunch of recommendations, some vital, some unnecessary.

But right now, in Ultra SF4, I think an important change is:

SPECIAL CANCELLABLE CR.MP [8-5-12:-3/+3] = 80 (100) and forces stand.

Here are the benefits:

#1: Makes use of “forces stand”

  • Why have this move property there for no reason. You just have to ask Capcom, and you know, the forcing stand property of this move is “broken.” It did have a purpose of linking into the 3 frame But now, it has no purpose. THIS NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED AND FIXED.

#2: Meterless combos into soft knockdown

  • After a jump in, one could perform xx PPP or KKK for the soft knockdown, and follow up cross-up. The “forcing stand” should pop up all crouching opponents, with +20 frame advantage if special cancelled from the very first active frame ensures both Lariats hit. At max distance of the, you should be able to space it and hit the KKK lariat on the second rotation at 18 frames - Possibly juggle EXGH after for a nice 4 hit jump in combo.

#3: Anti-air mixup tool

  • Anti-air reset them with and cancel into LPGH to appear in front, or MPGH or HPGH to cross under them to start your combo mix-up game.

#4: Jump out punisher reset

  • If you read they are jumping out of your bread and butter, cr.lp. cr.lp. You can start the after +5 on hit of the cr.lp and that should be a 2 frame link to catch them in pre-jump. Then cancel into KKK for the knockdown. If you guessed wrong, and they block, your only -3 on block, so relatively safe. This should have been the role of far HP, but if is cancellable, it would do the job much much better.

Other important fixes:

  • U2 to grab ALL invincible aerial attacks: No braindead pimping of EX Shoryuken get out of jail free cards. Your in the lottery just like everyone else!

  • Focus Attack to hit crouching opponents. Important for Red Focus Attack in general. But would help against Sagat’s Low Tiger Shot. And hugely help the match-up.

  • The re-balancing of Atomic Suplex in light of Delayed Wake-up and HP SPD. There is no longer the incentive and risk to use that move.

  • to be a 2 frame link to compensate for Delayed Wake-up in general.

Other Minor fixes:

  • Far HP to start up in 9 or 10 frames and increased float state: To juggle into EXGH on aerial opponents.

  • The hopping Headbutt command move from SFA3: F+HP. To hop over low attacks into SPD. Unnecessarily BUT sweet.

  • Running Bear Grab to be TWICE as faster, by halving the distance traveled. But it doesn’t really matter, because the move is garbage. Increased respective grab range. But giving it a FUNCTION would be more appropriate. However, if there is no reason to use Atomic Suplex, then there is no longer a penalty for missing it and getting this crappy move! So the developers seriously need to rethink the dynamix between SPD-AS-RBG. Right now, it appears, hands down SPD.


Dunno if you were listening in when Combofiend stated some of the new changes, but Gief did get his 2 frame cr.LK link back. It could be even better; he didn’t say. Just that it was gonna have more adv so it won’t be 1 frame anymore.


I Agree 100%
just 2 more things… nerf lp spd to 1.70 and fix the focus not to wiff on crouching opponents


EX GH full invincible (hit and throw) for first 3 frames.


Even though it truly sucks balls, I think they made it intentional to be punishable if it hits ONCE. It’s a penalty for incorrect spacing, and adds another element to the game, although not a reliable or consistent element.

Unless your facing the likes of Dee Jay or Guile, there’s no reason not to kara EXGH.

It was interesting to see Infiltration’s Oni vs our very own Snake Eyez. And I have always held the firm belief that EXGH owns projectiles - ALWAYS.

However, I was proven wrong. With 2 EX bars, opponent’s can bait out the EXGH via EX FADC back dash. In training mode, the punishment of choice against EXGH, has to have good range - Ryu was able to land
Looking at the frame data. EXGH is 52 frames in total, so projectile EX FADC back dash into ranged Ultra is VERY REAL.

Previously I’ve never seen that play before. For what it is, it is gimmicky and unsound and a HUGE meter burn, as they FADC 2 bars blindly. ONE needs to have a killer read. Just thought I should let fellow Gief’s know to be on the look out for it, and not always take the bait. The Sagat match-up just climbed one notch more difficult.