Community Elitism. Sick of it?

Why? Why not?

What are you thoughts about people acting better than others based on the amount of time and experience they’ve put into a particular subject? In some cases, that subject is community change and growth. Sometimes people act smug cause they are tired of hearing the same complaints that new comers come in with. It’s about fleshing out an argument and not archiving it somewhere. EX: Why are wishlist threads frowned upon? That can be a legit thread by someone – most people wont feel like explaining the culture or the history of the community and just yell at the new person. It got so bad that the JOin Dates are not shown anymore. MOst people dont want to explain things so they just use elitism.

What do you think?

I’m bad at this now.

I think the people who around longest and the most should dictate for the part what ever kind of attitude they want. They spend the most time here after all. Adjust or get the fuck out. Those wish list threads don’t add much to the board at all and are 99% of the time a complete waste of space. As for people getting flamed at or disregarded for asking a beginner question, the Saikyo Dojo was made for them and before that there where boards that had probably answered their question already if they just took the time to do a little research.

I think this should pop up when you open a new SRK account.

I think most people are tired of the negative attitude attached to the ignorance. Many of the best contributors simply wiped their hands of this environment. What we have left is a split between people who still want to help, and the older posters who are very tired of the forum bs that new players seem to recycle over and over. There is no title deserving of respect to a deep understanding of fighting games, even after 10+ years of study. The new posters lack the ability to recognize the good information from the standard ignorant posts.

I agree with OP.

Is this a rhetorical question?

you suck stfu

This forum would be boring if it were flowers and unicorns 24/7

@Sleazoid Doesn’t have to be flowers and unicorns, could be just less people arguing or insulting people for no apparent reason.

That sounds better already.

Yup. I don’t know why people will just let people be. If you don’t like it ignore it. It’s that simple

Shit like this

Bold point for emphasis…

I’ve seen alot of new people…especially ones who fell off the S/SF4 boats…just be too fucking lazy when it comes to actually getting good at FG’s.
“Help me choose my character”**
Are you for real? Why not actually put the time in messing around with the game…so you can decide for your damn self what character you want to main. I don’t care if it’s for the dumbest reasons…as long as you made the choice on your own. What’s even funnier is when someone actually takes the time to advice a character…the noob says “nah”.
Fuck that shit.

SRK has PLENTY of information on how to play alot of these games who put alot of time and effort to complie these notes and put them on here…and it’s being updated everyday. So why don’t these scrubs take the time and effort to do their own research?

"Oh this game sucks, why am I losing?"
Dorothy…you suck. Learn from your mistakes.
Get down…or lay fucking down.

I never had a problem with wishlist threads…unless it’s duplicate threads.

But you’re the member that thinks the SRK should be nerfed because
A)It can be done when the character is at neutral
B)Can be thrown out like pretty much every other special move in the game
C)Can beat other attacks

Your name does speak for itself, you have alot of Hatred to still be talking about that.

chill out kid

it was worse before

:rofl: This reply was easily more entertaining than any of the actual responses to that topic’s 6th grader fantasy question.

Agreed with Geese pants. People are apparently too stupid to navigate a simple internet website, can’t read stickies and are too lazy to do anything. These people can barely help themselves, let along try to play a fighting game.

Sick! Good one.

This is what i mean

A lot of people in the old days woulda just flamed him. Maybe he’ll get responses now.