Community Elitism. Sick of it?

Ive been getting snitched on when I post in threads. Seems like srk is getting a lot younger. I think someone snitched on me on smashboards once too.

The bigger issue is that this site doesn’t seem to have enough moderation to close useless threads as soon as possible and there are way too many people who only post on this site to flame in said useless threads.

i spent 24/7 talking about video games on the internet, ergo my opinions are objectively the best

It’s not hatred. It’s pure amusement. That thread you started was too damn funny.

Exactly. It’s not elitism. It’s straight disrespect. Admins/mods/members are putting in the work to help these new guys because it’s cool to have new members take up something we enjoy. But it’s spitting in peoples face when new guys outright ignore the work that was done to help THEM out because they want someone else to look up everything for them.

Ain’t that serious. That and old SRK was worse, I mean you had people that LURKED for 7 and 8 YEARS 'till SF4 came out and gave them an opening to post along with the rest of the new people hahahah! Besides, SRK will leave you alone if you post like you got some sense. Throwing a SRK meme in the joint don’t hurt either.



its the internet suck it up

Not to mention some people just enjoy being Douches. I can understand screwing with folks over stupidity but I’ve seen folks ready to hunt you down on some sights for not sharing their opinion and thats pretty stupid

I’m still hesitant to close a thread unless I’m sure it’s going nowhere useful.

People are welcome to point out FGD flamers to me via PM and I’ll infract anybody like that.

That’s not what I said. Try again.

I don’t see why SRK needs to become more like other places. If one prefers other places, then go to other places - there’s plenty. Let forums have their personality and culture I say.

I’ve been on web sites where flaming was really bad. SRK is nothing compared to the hate on less-friendly boards.

The best solution for an OG is only read tournaments and their own regional thread :stuck_out_tongue: Newer people have to understand that when all these SFIV posters came out of nowhere, it was like being a senior in high school and having a cool group of friends, but then one day you and your friends have your 5 little brothers around with you everywhere because your high school merged with their elementary.

It’s most apparrent right now in the MvC3 forums, it was evident in the SFIV forums, it isn’t even in the MK or KOF threads.

3S and Mahvel players tend to be the most salty

nope. not sick of it at all.

Maybe people would care less if they manned the fuck up… its an internet forum for god sake…

Kids who are new to internet forums with the need to voice their opinion or the need to have simple questions answered will continue to exist. It’s up to others to either:

  1. Ignore the thread and let it die or have the mods take care of it
  2. Point them in the right direction like the forum stickies and the Saikyo Dojo sub-forum

Oh hey sup guys just popping in here to ironically try to be clever while i misconstrue a point because i’m a retard

maybe this will shed some light on things a bit

situation 1:

experienced players: insert intelligent strategy discussion here
new guy: "hay how do i do a mix up with able"
experienced player: "after f+mk dash in and rolls and knockdowns and ticks is good"
experienced player’s thoughts: wtf there is a wiki and there are stickies and there are match videos and there is a search function and they all give him instant feedback w/o having to wait for a reply why is he stopping the discussion for such a basic question he could have found out himself 10 different ways
experienced players: “you newbies are all dumb” entire group leaves room to go buy mcribs
smarter new guy 2: "Dammit ‘new guy’, you completely ruined it for us."
new guy: “god every1 is so 1337ist”

usually an obvious question is ok when you’re polite, but when you multiply ‘new guy’ by 100 and the group of experienced players doesn’t grow as much then suddenly all the intelligent and useful strategy discussion about the game by the experienced players is getting completely drowned out and can’t continue. they then have to move the conversation somewhere else if they’re going to continue it at all, and then nobody who’s a part of it can reap the rewards. the experienced players in this situation still benefit, but the new players don’t, but they were the ones that caused the problem and hindered the discussion in the first place.

situation 2:

casual: "i use x"
experienced player: "use y instead, here is why it’s better, and here’s some match vids i.e. evidence"
casual: “no, use x, it is a better idea because you could do this if your opponent does that and–” insert bad theorycrafting
experienced player: "he won’t do that unless he’s retarded, it’s a terrible idea"
casual: "but he still might so you should use x because it will pay off more and you can win if it happens! you suck for using y"
experienced player stops visiting SRK forums and stops contributing

note the words “could” and “if”, this is a sign of trying to recover from a losing argument. casual is afraid of being wrong. nobody knows why he’s talking strategy on SRK in the first place if he’s afraid of being wrong. his broken logic and bad theoryfighting (theoryfighting isn’t bad, but most theoryfighting is done pretty badly) are being caused by him not having the balls to say “alright, i’m wrong, you’re right, and i’ll change my game up so that I can win more and become a better player”. newsflash guys, it’s perfectly okay to be wrong. the more mistakes you find in your play, the faster you can learn. we don’t fight with words and have theoryfighting matches with who wins the argument because these are fighting games and we have REAL matches with who wins the money.

well then your phrasing was awkward as hell

This is so true, these forums have an extreme abundance of information in them that is well organized and available. If people actually took some to look at some of this info rather than have everything directly spoon fed to them, then the experience members would be a lot less frustrated. I can only imagine the frustration of ryu players after seeing 500 threads in the ryu forums about how to do FADC ultra.

I like how you guys complain about having to look up the info for these scrubs, but I gladly post in all the newb threads because I don’t have to look anything up at all. It’s up here in mah brain.

Also, you made it too hard, because the idiots won’t be able to understand your post and will just ignore it! This is like giving trial 5 and then skipping ahead to 23 without showing me the rest of the moves! You bitch~!