Community ideas ( what to do ? )

I am sure I am not the only one here who has this problem and I doubt problems like this are new on here but here is mine…

I live in the GTA ( that is in Canada ) however getting downtown can be a major hassle and finding like minded gamers in my area can be an even bigger problem, with the majority of people I have met being into xbox “US” type games or sports titles.

As it stands I have a j ps2 and probably the most na and jp 2d fighting games in my city…with nobody who gives a shit about trying or wanting to play them, they would rather be sitting in their living room playing halo 3 or some other crap. As we all know arcades are virtually dead and the ones that exist are not that easy for everyone to get to anyway.

So I have been brainstorming on how to spark some interest in my area, of course there seems to be alot of downsides when I think about it but here goes:

#1 Setting up consoles at youth centres offering free games for a few hours-The problem I see with this is the attraction of unwanted individuals, you know…junkie filth, people who have no respect for other’s property, the last thing I want to be doing is importing new j ps2 consoles or trying to get my hands on multiple HRAP’s because idiots want to button mash, and it’s not exactly like I can randomly beat the shit out of anyone who decides to break my stick or something.

#2 Setting up advertisements for 2d fighting game clubs at college bulletin boards, I figure there is bound to be some kids or semi older people who are fans of this genre or who at least grew up when some arcades were around.

#3 I just don’t know…maybe trying other areas in the city where there is alot of youth or people who might consider giving it a shot ?

I am sick and tired of playing vs CPU all the time. I want to improve my skill and try to keep the genre alive somehow in my area while possibly getting others into it and buying games also. But with plenty of ps2 fighting games already OOP even that prospect seems dead. Maybe having a mix of modern 3d fighters and classic 2d fighters would be better ?

Thoughts ?

Not to take it off-topic, but since you live in the GTA, I’d like to play you offline. Add me on MSN: