Community Project for Top 25 ALL-TIME Evo Moments


NOTE: Posting this on Eventhubs and Shoryuken to get as much help possible, so if you go to the other website, you will see the same thread

Hi guys! I don’t post often in the FGC, but I thought to myself. There’s been alot of amazing Evo moments through out the years, however I have only been watching Evo since 2010 (Not an 09’er though) And I would like to work with the community on making a project that I do not believe has ever been done before.

What I want to do, is get your help on making a video that features the most incredible moments in every Evo Tournament history that we know of. Obviously, we already know that the Number 1 Evo moment probably has to go to Daigo Umehara against Justin Wong with his full parry he did on Third Strike. But there’s moments that are already in my head.

Daigo’s Miracle Full Parry comeback win vs Justin Wong in 2004 in SF3 Third Strike
PR Balrog’s Level 3 Grab on Viscant’s Phoenix in 2011 in MVC3
Poongko’s beat down on Daigo on 2011 in Super SFIV
Gamerbee eliminating Justin Wong on 2010 in Super SFIV.
Justin Wong’s Cyclops comeback (I don’t know what year) in Marvel vs Capcom 2

But i know there’s more then that… way more then that… help me out guys.

Won’t be on the list, but will be an honorable mention because of how funny it was.

Scumbag throwing his stick after losing to Juicebox Abel and then saying “Fuck you” to him back on 2010. That will be one of my “Salty Moments”

I will be using Sony Vegas Pro 2010, I have experience in making videos before. (I use to make the OMGWTFLOLBBQ Moments) that was inspired by LiangHubbb (Who is on good terms with me now) And I have been doing videos since 2004. I will do my best to make it look Godlike. But no promises.

So right now, submit videos on here to help me out. Once I think we have enough great videos for the Top all time moments. I will have a vote, so you the FGC can decide what should be the right moments in the right order. :slight_smile:

Thank you! :slight_smile: And also, I will do my best to credit everyone who helps me.


1-25 choi beating bas in cvs2


Just put all the homo-genius vids in a row. Can’t get more hype than that.


CafeID performance in KOF this evo should be a great moment not only did one of them win but 4 in top 8 i think 5 in top 16 not sure how many came but they were a small group of just hungry players just tearing it up


I dont know how he pulled it off but that shit was gadlike lol




I’ve never ever ever been able to find that Choi vs Bas video.
It was supposed to be on the EVO2008 DVD, but then Ponder uploaded everything but CvS2 to his youtube channel :sad:

I saw that shit live, and its been one of the hypest moments in my life :clapdos:


Yeah nothing’s been as amazing since then.


Demon Hyo VS Dark prince. lol Back in 06 or 07. Gotta look that one up.

Can’t forget about “Adon Sucks”.


AH! Wasn’t that the one where the guy rage quit in Marvel vs Capcom 2? That was at Evo? If so… that might make it.


duc winning mvc2 in 2005

tokido vs jwong in 3s in 2002