Community Team Tech Development: Cycle 11 Strider Hiryu/Doctor Strange/Akuma


This thread is to have the community delve into teams and use our combined ingenuity to come up with amazing tech for characters and combinations outside our normal realm of use. This will give new knowledge to every character over the course of the thread, and raise the Marvel community’s play level as a whole. I have confidence that with the variety of skilled people in the community we’ll come up with a lot of cool technology.<br>
Every 2 weeks a team will be selected and everyone who can goes into the lab with that team, attempting to find any cool tools, tech, and tricks. Feel free to brain storm with others, and do everything you can to come up with interesting powerful tools that make the team scary to fight against.<br>
At the end of the 2 week tech cycle, everyone can cast their votes on what they think the most interesting or useful technology for the team that the community came up with. Whoever’s tech wins that cycle gets to choose the next team for people to delve in to.<br>
The first cycle will start this Saturday 01-05-2013. I want to iron out any format related stuff and build interest from the community until then to get us going.<br>
If you have any suggestions on how the thread should deal with voting, tech submissions etc please post, this is here to help everyone get as good at the game as possible so share your wisdom!<br>
I understand not everyone has recording equipment. I’m sending out a request to all medium to high execution players with the ability to record. If there’s tech in this thread that does not have a video, please support those of us without capture cards and make videos for those who cannot.<br>
The first person who volunteers to record will be the person to choose our first team to come up with tech for, so please, support the community and lets come up with cool tools!<br>
Be sure to document everything you find, even though a move may not work for your purposes sharing how it works with someone else may combine into better tech than either of you would have come up with on your own.<br>
<span style=“font-size:1.5em”>Team Submission:</span><br>
When submitting a team we want to advance their tech as far as possible within 2 weeks so it’s vital to share information you already have for trying to bring the team as far as possible within that time.<br>
ALL CHARACTERS FROM THE PREVIOUS 2 CYCLES ARE BANNED. This will help with character variety.<br>
Team characters: Of course we need to know the characters in order to find any tech for them, give a brief description of why you chose the team, and what specific areas you see the most potential for IE combinations of moves with commonly abusable properties (Set hit stun, derpy hitboxes, etc) and things to avoid that appear better than they are. Even if something appears uesless there may be something secretly awesome so still explore these fields, just be aware they need something else to make them safe.<br>
Character assists: Although I think it should be fine to experiment with all assists, if you have specific intentions for which assists each character should be on and why please note some basic usage of each assist with each other character on the team. This includes the anchor character with the other two assists, it can be important in case of snap backs. This is only a recommendation, feel free to mess around with every assist though as you may come up with different tech that way!<br>
DHCs and THCs: If there are particularly strong DHCs you’re already aware of either for set ups, ludicrous damage, or other such things please say so, it will help people come up with more ways to abuse said tech.<br>
Additional notes: If there are other things that you feel will help others come up with as much interesting tech as possible please share! This is about making the team as awesome as possible, so be thorough when positting it.<br>
Teams by cycle, and winning tech:<br>
1/5/13 - 1/19/13 Taskmaster (Horizontal Arrows)/Doctor Doom (Hidden Missiles)/Amaterasu (Cold Star)<br>
1/26/13 - 2/9/13 Hawkeye/Storm/Dante<br>
2/16/13 - 3/2/13 Felicia/Dormammu/Magneto<br>
3/9/13 - 3/23/13<br>

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I would be happy to help record for this with what time I have.

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Intresting… I approve this, SRK could always use new tech… stickied


I was just about to say this thread should be stickied. Then you come in with the assist. That’s what’s up.


you could use one of those free polling / voting websites to get the first team. i would suggest doing it this way:

  • there are 3 pages of voting, each page lets you select 1 character out of the whole cast
  • 1st page you pick who you want on point
  • 2nd page you pick your middle character
  • 3rd page you pick your anchor

so whichever characters get the most votes for point, middle and anchor respectively will be put together as the first team.

doing it this way will allow everyone to have input, but still maintain a team with characters in sensible positions (since i doubt many people would vote for Wolverine on anchor, Sentinel on point, etc.)


Excellent! What’s the first team that we’ll all be working with starting Saturday?

I strongly recommend making a thorough write up on the team and choices regarding assists, DHCs etc. If people already have a high ground of information to work from they can come up with even more amazing tech during that time.


I suggest that say, Chrisis picks like 6 Marvel characters and 6 Capcom characters, and everyone in the thread gets to vote for 3 characters. And I’d make a rule that the characters that get picked one week can’t be reused for another two or so weeks, so we don’t keep getting like XXX/Spencer/Strange or XXX/Doom/Vergil or anything like that.


I’ll contribute whatever I can to this and I can record. I think we should maybe do 2 weeks of tech research/creation/recording, followed by maybe a week of reviewing and voting. There needs to be some sort of intermission like that to give everyone a chance to go over the discoveries and vote (and to give last-minute entries a chance), and although a week seems like it might be too long, it’s the only way you’ll keep the deadlines consistent…then again it might just encourage a lot of last-minute entries.


What about a week of trying these tech ideals out in a real match setting.


I have suggested an idea like this before but was ridicule.
I think it would be best to start with the so called low tier character, Storm, Coon, Ghost, Spider Man, Hsien ko, Arthur, Tron, She-hulk, Iron Man, Nemesis etc


I recommend as you come up with tech you try it in real matches, play casuals with your friends as the team, work out situations that come up that you either feel it’s really strong or has difficulties etc. This is to make the team stronger, not just training mode cool.

I intend that after each cycle everyone who participates should be able to consistently see strong tools with the team and thus be able to analyze how good the team is, for all we know this thread may come up with the next Morrigan/Vergil/Doom.

I really like Avarice’s week of rest for voting, posted that in the first post for intervals.


I think character variety is important. We should insure that no characters from the previous 2 cycles are in the current team, that way there’s always variety, but if someone gets revisited later there’s been a large enough interval of time to view the character with fresh eyes and ideas.

I think that this will insure variety, but also not limit people’s options. If a winner wants us to come up with crazy Magneto/Skrull/Iron Man tech or something that should be totally fine despite Magneto being nowhere near low tier.


Choose my team and show me something new, if you can then I will be apart of everyone of these.


Thread, I see this as a great opportunity, could we do this as the first challenge in honor of our great and powerful troll?

I’m sure that there are plenty of things that Honzo hasn’t gotten to yet with his team. :wink:


I suggest we start with the X/Raccoon/Vergil shell. Raccoon is another theory character that needs to be developed and i think he’s bf with Vergil, swords DHC means no low damage output, and his zoning/camper game is stronger with rapid slash


Secret honzo team tech:
step 1: Sacrifice taskmaster to the vergil gods
step 2: :a1:+:a2: :a1:+:a2: :a1:+:a2: :a1:+:a2: :a1:+:a2: :a1:+:a2: :a1:+:a2: :a1:+:a2:


i’d love to record for something like this. just wondering what kind of team we should be working on atm. i’ve got several ways to record for something like this for match footage and training mode stuff


We’re supposed to talk about tech Honzo doesn’t know though Rokmode.


That just made me realize it would be exceptionally hype if we could set up a tournament or something to actually show off some of that tech in play as well. It would be really cool to see someone go beast mode with all the contributions that everyone in the thread has made.


I’m too bad at this game to develop tech. Instead, I could always record what not to do.