Community Tierlist - Fei help requested!

Hello Fei mainers,

At Community Tierlist - overview you can see a brand new dynamic tierlist which is a combined effort of all people on the SRK character forums.

The goal of this web application is to get all people who main a certain character to give their opinion on that character matchups, and then to combine all that data in one overall list.
The idea worked pretty well when performed by the Rose forum (, most users reached a consensus and Rose got a nice analysis that ranked her around 13th to 17th place, on par with the latest opinions on her by American and Japanese top players.

If all character forums take a small effort to go vote on their character we will get:
[] a per character average of matchups
] a community-generated tierlist
[] a cross-matchup view on each matchup (as for example Fei vs Ryu will be ranked both in Fei view as in Ryu view)
] and when enough data is provided: a statistical view on contested matchups, on agreed upon matchups and more!

Because this list is open, and inputs are sensitive I took a few measure to get better results:
[] You can only vote once per character
] You need to provide the forumcode of you character to validate your vote (provided here), so that you can’t simply click around and vote on anything you want
[*] The extreme votes are removed statistically (10% lowest and 10% highest are discounted)
Fei forumcode is: fei101258
Please copy/paste this in the forumcode box

I will gradually go to each character forum to collect votes. After your vote you can copy/paste your input to this thread for further discussion.

Hopefully we get a good result! :slight_smile:

Web application: Community Tierlist - overview
Forumcode: fei101258

Without discussion, you guys should get on this. It looks pretty cool.

This is a fantastic idea Acku. I’m certainly going to keep an eye on the page and see how it shapes up.

I did I votes.

I voted, and this is an awesome idea. Though some matchups are inherently different online vs. offline, so for example, laggy online Blankas are 7-3 to Blanka IMO (lol), so I just put what I thought it would be if I could punish without lag :slight_smile: Need more experience there tbh.

Put my vote in. Let’s see how this goes.

These are my votes:

User Feimitsu voted on fei
viper: 5.0
guile: 4.5
bison: 4.0
chun: 4.0
deejay: 6.0
guy: 5.0
seth: 4.5
vega: 4.5
dudley: 5.5
sagat: 5.0
cammy: 6.0
dhalsim: 5.0
rufus: 5.0
gouken: 6.5
adon: 5.5
ken: 6.0
rose: 4.5
akuma: 5.0
balrog: 4.0
honda: 4.5
zangief: 6.0
dan: 5.5
sakura: 5.0
ryu: 6.0
hawk: 5.5
cody: 5.0
abel: 4.5
blanka: 5.5

My vote is in, whats funny is I see I am supposed to have an advantage over Gen, Guy, Guy,Sakura and T. Hawk but when you dont face many of them and then boom one comes along and really knows how to use them, I am lost almost. I looked at some of the frame data before the match starts so I can be aware of frame traps and damn Gen, Sakura and Cody have so many plus frames on block.

Community Tierlist - overview by average

This is looking pretty accurate now. I really like this idea. Be sure that you look at the “List by averaged view.” My understanding is that particular view is the one that averages all the votes made by each forum.

if this can be an iphone app that would be great

User NyQuiiL voted on fei
viper: 5.0
guile: 4.0
bison: 3.5
chun: 4.5
deejay: 4.5
guy: 5.5
seth: 5.0
ibuki: 5.5
vega: 6.0
dudley: 5.0
sagat: 5.0
cammy: 5.0
makoto: 5.0
dhalsim: 4.0
rufus: 4.5
gouken: 5.0
adon: 5.0
ken: 5.5
rose: 4.5
akuma: 5.0
balrog: 4.5
honda: 5.0
zangief: 4.0
dan: 6.5
sakura: 5.0
gen: 5.5
ryu: 5.5
hawk: 5.0
cody: 6.0
abel: 6.0
blanka: 5.0
juri: 5.5