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I think the costumes in document is better than anything Mk produced because it’s made by top fashion designers from around the world such as Giorgio Armani, Versace, Chanel, Hugo boss etc. These designers can go all out on their costumes because they have no budget constraints. That’s why there’s a fashion week every week where hundreds travel to see the latest and best trends in fashion. Game designer don’t have the same scope as top fashion designers. Also the budget for costumes were pretty much little to nothing in anything Mk has done. I went through Mk 1, mk2, mk3, mk4, Mk shaolin monks, Mk mythology subzero, Mk deadly alliance, Mk deception, Mk armageddon, Mk vs dc, mk9, Mk konquest tv show, Mk legacy season 1, Mk the journey begins, Mk special forces, Mk defenders of the realm and found zero creativity in costumes. I haven’t gone through Mk movie 1 (1995) and Mk annhilation (1997) movie but I’m guessing it was low budget costumes.

Here are some costumes that could be good if you take creativity from top designers in document. Sonya in Mk legacy episode 1 & 2, Sonya in Mk defenders of the realm episode 6, red Sonya in mk4, Kitana in defenders of the realm episode 10 & 13, Kitana in Mk legacy episode 4 & 5, Kitana in Mk konquest tv show episode 5 & 12 (Why did they change Kitana in episode 12… Episode5 Kitana is much prettier).

I have spent three months on this please take your time and help out. the costumes i compiled is female only.

I’ve uploaded files for anyone who wants it.


Example of organ song


Please please please get axis animation uk studio to produce trailer or whole story mode. Axis has worked on live action street fighter x Tekken trailer, halo Spartan ops, codehunters, age of empires online, grid2, Spiderman shattered dimensions, and bbc programs, and dead island trailer which is now being made into a movie…


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