Comp in Okinawa, Japan?


Here my email wat ur also my jap cell phone is not working for now


Hey I’m here for a few months! I won’t have a phone but you can hit me up here or facebook (David-Paul Mattock). I also don’t have my own transportation :sweat:


Just FYI, I’ve locked all other Okinawa threads… please use this for the official Okinawa talk. :slight_smile:


And if you don’t mind, please post the link to the general Japan thread and I will put a link for this thread.

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That was a good meet-up. Nothing better than good games, pizza, and people getting nostalgia trips from holding your PS1 pad.

Remember, if anyone’s ever down for some games (especially KOFXIII), just send me a message.


Hosting another gathering tomorrow around two again. If you need a ride let me know prior via PM or text if you already have my number. I have chips and mountain dew from last week but if people want to bring more drinks or chips to share than you are more than welcome. I bought a pack of hot dogs and burgers so I’ll probably cook those while people game, not grilled though over the stove. Like the chips and drinks if people want more please bring some.


Hopefully there can be at least a few more meet ups before I PCS off the island.


When is that?


In March.


Hey everyone, I’m currently in Okinawa and I was wondering if anyone on this island plays Super Smash Bros Melee or some Mortal Kombat around here… Let me know if you wanna play!


Hello everyone, I’m stationed here at Okinawa for the next two years.
I’m completely new to playing fighting games so I’m up for playing what ever. I have a wide variety of fighting games.
I have listed the fighting games I own in my signature. (for PS3) I have two dual modded madcatz fight sticks too.

I am primarily interested in 2d anime style fighters like Persona 4 Arena, Guilty Gear, and Blazblue. I am a fan of Under Night: In Birth (Arcades only), and I also like playing Soul Calibur V too.
I know two other people (not registered on this forum AFAIK) that are interested in fighting games as well.

My PSN is Sabled_Soul and my XBL is Sabled Soul


Hiya. Just got stationed on the island and arrived a couple days ago. Looking to start playing again. I mostly play SFIV, but looking to start playing what ever the local scene plays. Please message me if there are any meet-ups or get togethers. Really looking foward to getting to know some good players.


Hey everyone. Im visiting Oki in a few days and was wondering where are the arcades located? I know theres one in Mihama but i also remember reading that there is one in Naha. Where exactly is it and how is the scene?


Ill be in Okinawa until the first week of April and looking to play anything, please hit me up if you’re interested in getting together. I’m staying on Kadena.


Anyone around? I’m on the island for a few days and am looking for MKX players.
Add me on PSN at ProudDisciple or PM me please!


Hello y’all! I’ve been on island for a little bit and have discovered that the SF scene is nonexistent here. Or at least I haven’t found it. With that being said, I’m looking for people who would be interested in a group to meet up for SF! If anyone is, or knows somebody who would be, interested send them my way! Or if somebody here knows where they play SF, than that would be cool to know as well! Thanks!


First welcome to the island. I have been here for about 2 years. I too am a SF player and have only found a couple other people. I could introduce them to you and get some matches going.


We should definitely do that! I’m located on Kadena!


Hello everyone! I don’t know if people even still play in Okinawa but I’ll be coming down there. I’ll play SFV and tekken. I’ll be there or a few weeks if anyone wants some games. I play in Korea now but would like to meet some fresh faces.


If you want to play some locals, I’m still here till mid 2018. My number: 08064887125. Or message me on psn:Ny_Whoisant. I’m playing sfv trying to find my main, sorta. Also play GGXrd, can play balzblue once I understand neutral, and others, but not serious as the ones I mentioned.