Comp Stick Problem


Just got a new MAS with a Competition stick and when playing with it I noticed when moving it in a 360, there are distinctive notches at left+down and right+down, as if I was playing on a square gate. It bothered me a lot when doing fireball motions so I rotated the stick base 180 degrees so that the notches would be on the top but now I just feel the notch when I play left.

I don’t know what exactly the problem is or how to fix it but I know it has to do with the actuator and how it presses against the stick base and microswitches. Anyone have any suggestions?


I’m a really newb at sticks, but as far as I have read, an octagonal restrictor is prefered in 2D fighting games. Making it easier to perform those desired motions.

I guess you just have to switch the default square restrictor, with an octagonal.


You can’t switch the restrictor on a Comp. You’re thinking of a Sanwa JLF with square/octagon restrictor options.

Any notches you feel should all be the same for each corner. The way the switches mount to the base, there isn’t any room for adjustment. Try spinning just the actuator 90 degrees. If you changed the base 180, and the problem only changed 90, that could be it. Maybe it was molded off-center or somehow got tweaked?


sometimes there is some excess plastic on the actuator that will get caught on the switches, i’d check for that.

If thats the problem you could just replace it and/or file the imperfections off.


Yeah, you should take it apart and look for random junk that might have gotten in there. Its happened to me in both my bottons and in my sticks, and its an easy fix.


The holes for mounting the cherry switches are not always symmetrical, you can have the top switch up to 1/2 mm closer to the actuator than the bottom one. what happens then is the actuator makes too much contact with the switch creating a flat section in the circular motion of the stick.

It is possible to take the switches apart, remove the little red button and sand the white case down slightly.

Also the black plastic housing that sits next to the switches can also be slightly off mould.

I have never found a comp that has a perfectly circular rotation from new.
They have all needed a little work.


Thanks for all the suggestions but I’m pretty sure this is the problem. When I looked at the actuator more closely as it moved I noticed it seemed to rub against one side and not the others.

So I can sand down the white case with regular sand paper? If that doesn’t do it can I sand the black housing too?


Yup, you can use a medium grit sandpaper or a file. The white plastic is pretty tough and can take the sanding ok.
Use a fine grit to smooth it off once you are done.
Same with the black plastic too.

With the switch open it up, be careful not to dislodge the spring. Take out the red button and re assemble.
Now sand the top as much as you need too.
Once done open it, blow out the shavings and put the red part back in.

It worked for all the comps I have had.

To be honest if you like bat top sticks sanwa make a nice one.
Or you can get a bat top for JLFs etc.


Thanks I will try that. The stick is actually my girlfriend’s. When she got it she just said “It feels weird” so I opened it up to take a look. I got a HRAP2 for myself.