Comparing SFA2 to SFIV

Hello, all. Sakura’s biggest fan reporting in :stuck_out_tongue:

But yes, anyways, I’ve got a question concerning Street Fighter Alpha 2. How similar would you say the game is compared to SFIV? Especially Sakura’s gameplay? I’m without a PS3 or 360 for a few months, and I would like to start getting some practice in for when I do actually purchase a PS3 and SSFIV. Is SFA2 similar enough to SFIV to warrant me buying it for the sake of getting better at SFIV?

I’m hoping that made sense. Feedback is appreciated.

she plays very different from her A2 version, and SF4 has no CC’s. and you can play A2 on GGPO for free.

1.custom combos
2.alpha counters
3.air blocking

1.plays kind of like super street fighter 2 turbo blocking in air
3.focus attacks

Ah, thanks for the replies. That’s slightly disappointing to hear.

You’ll develop good fundamentals playing A2, imo. Just play it and you’ll do better when you pick up SF4.

And yeah, play on GGPO if you can.

A lot of fundamentals in A2 definitely apply to SSF4. I’d say it’s well worth your time. Plus it’s a great game in its own right.

ST on GGPO would be another good choice.