Comparison between Jlw and Jlf stick needed for street fighter

hi after getting alot of responses regarding my Street fighter anniversary arcade stick (thanks) i know exactly what to do now as it isnt hard at all to mod the SFAC with Sanwa stick and buttons however the question i cant seem to decide whether to chose the JLW or the JLF stick oh yh i have searched the forum and google its just i cant find a proper comparison between the two sticks and to make clear the arcade stick will solely be used for Super street fighter 4

the jlw and jlf are completely different, there is no comparison at all. the jlf is light & soft, the jlw is heavy & strong. it’s like comparing a corvette to a hummer

JLW is still considered a decent stick, and there are a minority of players on SRK who prefer them.

JLW’s are an old school stick. They are what you used to find on cabs, along with the LS-32, before the JLF became popular. Even if the JLW is a little stiffer than the JLF, it’s still an excellent quality joystick.

The JLW should fit into your AE stick without any modification, and they’re quite cheap at $20. So If I were you I would go for it.

Yeah if you want a JLF in a SF Anniversary stick, you will need to buy a plunge router to mount it proper.

Ok then ill just buy a Jlw because its not worth the trouble with the jlf mounting and stuff you know i mean to be honest the Jlf on my TE edition feels too soft for me you t feels as if it might break after the next move maybe it could be just me anyhow thanks alot guys for the quick responses and in a while or so ill show ya all my custom arcade stick with custom artwork oh yh please by all means keep posting your thoughts just because i replied doesnt this thread is finished lol


doesnt this thread is finished lol

I LOL’D. No offense OP, but you don’t have to type so fast. Slow down, use some punctuation.