Comparison for MVC2 & UMVC3 aka lazy man's guide

Ok it’s been a while since I’ve played competitively. i played marvel2 from 00-05 and about 15 or so-matches over like 30min of umvc3. I just recently got vanilla mvc3 and will get ultimate. Im pretty knowledgeable in mvc2. I know the amount of time it took to learn all the shit in marvel and saw how many people who basically skipped the 1st couple years and were still good enough usually to play well. so I thought this thread can be for all those who are coming into the game relatively late. a lot of what i sifted through on the forums seems kind of old and irrelevant. if im wrong point it out to me pls and maybe this can be a collection of info for people who dont need to necessarily know everything from scratch which is what a lot of the 1st like 10pgs of some of these threads are.

First, what are essential vids for advanced tactics or advanced tactic threads.

who’s the big three in the game or is this really the “beest balance Ev4r!” i’d like to think that with the game being relatively new that there’s a lot not found out but with capcom nerfing and changing shit up with the patches a lot of the life of this game will be basically cut short. i know they nerfed phoenix and i guess a tron assist

i guess chipping is a non-factor unless u got xfactor.

obviously no aaa’s that are overpowered here: but doramuu has some good ish himself and dante is commando-like, no guard breaks discovered yet, no assisst calling while flying, and does zoning really suck?

assists can be spammed out more if theyre protected, cuz theyre harder to kill and no relaunch for a double snapback or am i wrong?

and when u do the character switch combo thing and ur opponent does the same direction as u to cancel ur combo, how realistic is it that they’ll guess right, from ur guys’ experience?

button set up for mvc2 player should be L,H,A1 top row Lk, S A2 bottom row right? i saw that in 1of the faqs written up but it was dated i think 2010 or beginningn 2011 so is that officially right? or do default setup?

obviously im gonna need to get a lot of matches in and online will most likely be my main way to level up in xp, but when i played marvel 2 online didnt exist: hard for me to believe a marvel game can be played accurately online without having an awesome connection is lag an issue?

Thanks for the info and help. as i find out more i’ll try to ask questions more appropriate to the strategy of the game.


p.s.- there’s no duc teaches umvc3 thread? no viscant tier threads?

True, a lot of the old threads are sleeping on updating for ultimate. However, mostly, stuff was added/changed (cannot block during air dash now, exchange with different properties, hyper mashing returning from mvc2), not a lot was removed (except for DHC glitch, character specific shit).

The game is still young. Right now, the top 2 is considered to be Zero and Wesker, by most. There are however some counterpicks to both of them. There are quite a few strong competitive characters and there are also ass tier characters.

Chipping is a factor for specific Zoning teams (which, btw, is stronger in ultimate than it was in vanilla). Characters like Dormammu, Doom and Storm do some mean, respectable chip.

There were guard breaks, but they seem to have been removed (confirmation?). You can call assists if you fly from the ground or from jump, I believe. Zoning no longer sucks. It’s just hard.

Bad assist calls are ridiculously easy to punish, if you’re looking for them. Especially considering you have X-FACTOR, an almost surefire way to kill off an assist. No double snapback relaunch. And post point character death, you can only juggle the assist for a while before he falls.

It’s just retarded and random. Guessing game all the way.

Button setup is completely up to you. Some players have found success with classic, others with default. personally, I did not play MvC2, I use Magneto in MvC3 and play default. It is choice. If you still play 2, it might be better to use default for 3, in order to not get your stuff mixed up.

Mostly, yes. However, it is not GODAWFUL with the right conditions. Playing on xBoxLive, with a wired connection, no other internet activity ocurring, etc, is a good way to enhance the online experience.
THen there’s characters that are kind of shitty online because you can’t execute properly with them (Magneto, Dante, Viper, Zero) and characters that become stupidly godlike online (Wesker, Wolverine).

There’s lots of threads and vids about MvC3, check the stickies.

There isn’t really a “big three” in this game. Some characters are blatantly better than others (Viper, Zero) some are overrated (Wesker, Spencer IMO) and so on. If you want to talk tiers, there’s a thread for that.

Zero is blatantly better than most of the cast, but I wouldn’t put Viper there. Viper is extremely overrated and she took a bit hit due to the fact that meter building is much harder in this version compared to vanilla as that is what she relied on heavily.

viper can do over 800k with one bar

most of the cast can.

There are some pretty good anti air assists, but of course not on the level of mvc2.
Some Notable ones include:
doctor doom: hidden missles
dante: jam session
Shuma Gorath: Mystic Ray

I don’t believe duc plays much of any game atm, but I’m not sure. Viscant plays this game, and he occasionally posts here… usually in the tier thread which is stickied.

Best of luck catching up!

so i played vanilla one training session and said fuck it and bought ultimate:
uh, is the computer hard, i mean i dont necessarily have a problem with it, but my friend’s uncle’s roomate seems to get his ass handed to him quite a bit. what a loser.

ok so it’s more fast button pressing than timing in order to do some combos. what’s up with everyone saying 700k or 400k why not say %? is 1mil = full life bar? i am still just getting the combo system down and trying to get familiar with moves and what looks protected and what’s a good tool for punishing, but of course that’ll change (hopefully not too much) once i play someone.

i know there’s a lot of streams and youtube vids, thing is in this day and age everyone has their shit up and it’s xcopy’d but not as well as the original. back in the day b4 utube and stream, there were vids that stood out above all other vids, if u wanted to see mag rush watch a shadyk or soo vid, want doom beat spiral watch vis vs duc which turned into cable beats whole team, assist management and sent zoning watch valle striderdoom clock etc etc, then post 01- jwong seattle vids sanford and advanced tactics brought it to the next level. truly an evolution of play. are there notable vids that are must sees i know the games a year old well month if ultimate is that different from vanilla so maybe it’s just too early, or are the strategy and tactics still very close to mvc2. anyway more of a rant to marvels history than anything.
so basically i mean, who should i be xcopying im not updated with who is on top of the ultimate world. obviously viscant won last evo right?so other than viscant- jwong is still on top… right? other than that im clueless, soo, potter, golden nismor combofiend rick ortiz floe rattana kuan row sandiego chunksta sanford who’s the shit nowadays? i saw max and clock contributing big.

observations from playing and reading:
zero- mvc2 ironman-ish
doom- kinda mvc2 magish or rogue since noone is like mag/storm mvc2 are missles really>rocks?
mag- ?mvc2 magish? havent read up or played much on him, hypergravxxtempest doesnt work and no psy-like assist?
sent- drones are still buff. nice health still
arthur- shitty version of spiral?
wolverine- kinda like mvc1 wolverine but shittier
strider- orbs are buff but lvl3… really, so it’s all about resets/crossups?
dorammu- like blackheart but weaker
dante- weaker commando aaa but stronger on point
storm- havent read or played much
viper- good
phoenix- can throw a lot of shit on screen havent read up besides vanilla dark phoenix with xfactor is the shit but hawkeye basically has her number in ultimate lowering her cableness

that’s basically what i’ve read and observed so far, still a useless babbling infant at this game which is aggravating. any real news on dlc characters? hope cable gets released with no patch and ahvbx5

bare with the quality of my posts until i get more knowledgeable next post will have more substance.
thanks later

Well saying who are the best players is clearly left up to perspective, but in my opinion:
If you want to watch a good tournament strider or doom: clockwork (doom/strider/amaterasu)
If you want to watch amazing fundamentals put into place which could teach you a lot: Justin wong (variants of storm, iron fist, wolverine, and akuma)
If you want to watch a player who plays incredibly smart and manages to think outside the box with even the simplest of characters: Viscant (wesker/assist/phoenix)
If you want to watch crazy execution and whacky stuff: Marlinpie (viper/magneto (doom/ amaterasu
Combofiend is also overall an EXTREMELY solid player and if there were “killers” like in marvel 2, he is definitely up there. There are numerous other good players as well like Chris G, but I don’t feel like typing out a huge list.

To answer some of your points/questions:
Zero- I wouldn’t say he’s really like mvc2 iron man, but he is extremely solid and can pretty much do whatever the fuck he wants. He is arguably the best character in the game.

Doom- I wouldn’t say hes like marvel 2 magneto either. He revolves around possessing some of the best assists in the game as rocks/plasma beam/missles are all great assists, yet he is incredibly good as a character himself unlike marvel 2. He has amazing pressure, good projectiles, and his mobility is really good, but it takes work. Doom himself doesn’t have good mobility out of the box as he has no wave dash and his ground dash is complete shit, but once you get used to dash cancelling he is incredibly fast. His pseudo wave dash that is incredibly good for pressure is: Ground dash, jump cancel, tri-dash down forward… repeat

Magneto- As an avid magneto player, I would say he is different from his mvc2 counterpart, but he still has good pressure. His air dashes are still fast and if you do flight then plink your air dashes, you can have some insane pressure. He is much better at zoning than his mvc2 counterpart as magnetic blasts is amazing and so is disruptor. He also has a good assist in the form of disruptor. HYPERGRAV XX TEMPEST STILL WORKS!!!

Sentinel- Nothing like his mvc2 version. Sentinel is much slower in this game and easier to block and predict. He is still incredibly useful as he has an amazing assist in the form of his drones (charge version), but he is rather lackluster on point. That being said, sentinels who actually put time into his neutral game will expose fraudulent sentinels as his normals are barbarically good and can be flight cancelled to create really good spacing tools. His command grab is also incredibly useful in the corner for pressure and hardrive is completely invincible and will only be beat by physical counters such as wesker’s and taskmaster’s. Tigerknee hardrive is really good for escaping pressure.

Strider- Still a force as he is incredibly hard to block and his assist+his pressure on point easily negates his low health. His assist is damn good. He is also one of the strongest anchors in the game as he is ridiculous with orbs+xfactor level 3.

Dormammu- I wouldn’t say he is weaker than blackheart. Dormammu is AMAZING in umvc3. He has an amazingly fast teleport, good chip damage game, good projectiles, and his fireball super is incredibly scary. He also does a boat load of damage and has overall all the tools he needs like a good 8way dash and flight.

Just watch the top 16 of the recent majors and come to your own conclusion as to who is the shit and who is shit:

Starts at 0:56:30

Starts at 0:34:30

Hey thanks a lot for the info guys, im a slave to theory fighter until i can apply it and observe what i experience. imma check out those vids, some more studying, and some hyper bolic time chamber training shit after. ok i dont want to turn this into repeat knowledge so i’ll look up dash cancel im assuming it’s not wave dashing cuz yea i did notice that bs standing dash. missions seem good at teaching the timing and basic otg’s hard knock downs and if hypergrav xx tempest still works, shaking out of hypergrav should right? lol if people suck as bad at mashing out as they did with mvc2’s 1st year imma consider using mags just for that and if they get smart and learn to mash out on to setting up unmashables.

edit 1: lol at NEC lol east coast style of naming everything from the hair on zero’s nuts to nemesis’ herbs is still there… trish has a little runaway game?

edit 2: fuck, gotta watch all of these try and learn these random facts: orbs nullied if strider gets hit even up close. dante looks buff watch the rest later.

Like I said, this goes in the tier thread.

Zero covers himself with hitboxes and is really safe. A top character fosho

Mags is not the beast he used to be, but he has his mobility and scoops. Jump H is the new air hk

Sent is mostly an assist, but he can still zone pretty well. Dont expect flight mode stomps tho.

Arthur is actually shitty cable. Not reccomended.

Wolverine is beastmode fast. Think rogue, but with big damage

Strider is usually an anchor because orbs with lvl3 x is entirely too good.

Dorm is one of the strongest zoners. Masta cj makes his offense look monstrous however. Very versatile.

Dante is the new magneto. On point he has ridiculous mixups and combos. Richard yipes and richard nguyen are probably the guys to watch with this dude.

Storm is NOT how you remember. Her normals have good hitboxes, but her damage is incredibly ass.

Viper is a solid rushdown with mixups and touch of death. Marlin pie makes her look terrifying

Phoenix is a character that will kill an entire team in seconds. No respect.

If you want to play cable type characters your best options are hawkeye and doctor strange. Either one backed by missles can murder. Both fill up the screen well and have air supers that target the opponent. Free assist kills if you hear them coming out and have the bar.

you have one of the best OG names ever :smiley: