Comparison of Best Honda's playstyles.(I'm one of them;^)



I wanted to post this up so we could see who they are and how they play so we could decipher the best desicion making process and maybe gleen some tricks off them. I feel like we could only learn from them.

I will start by saying I hate mike ross’s honda as it plays so different from mine. He is still the best though I don’t want to emulate such a gambler style honda. Mostly because well I don’t think anyone could really pull it off other than mike.

P.S. Yes after I found out I was on here I wanted to brag. Sue me. Also follow my twitter @VaFuerte :P.


I expected to see Hoodaman placed slightly higher, who I also consider the best Honda player.
Also it’s my favorite playstyle. He takes less risks, is willing to lame it out, build meter and get time-over wins.


Hoodaman just doesn’t travel that much, that’s why he is not high on the list.

I think Mike Ross and Min play an offensive Honda, while Hoodaman and Arthur a more defensive one. Cuongster is somewhere in between.

Jewelman plays a combo heavy Honda, very fun to watch, also he takes a lot of risks. Druseph is also a talented Honda, placed 9th at FR, really liked his Honda. He eliminated Flash Metroid.