Comparison of online fighting communties (PS3 vs. 360)

With both systems now available at $299, I’m quite torn as to which one to go for. I realize that the 360 has a superior library of games, but the blu-ray capacity of the PS3 and the fact that I don’t plan on playing many games beyond fighting games (SFIV, blazeblue, kof) has me leaning towards a PS3. However, if the disparity in online experience for these games is significant (I’ve heard quite a bit of praise for the 360), then I can do without blu-ray and go for the better online community.

Anyone have any useful observations concerning this? Is the level of competition and functional competency about the same between the two systems, or does one outshine the other significantly enough to demand loyalty?

Reasons to get a PS3:
-free online(add like 50$ to 360 price for live)
-doesn’t break itself
-pad is better than the 360 pad

Reasons to get a 360:
People you know have one

The 360 and the PS3 share pretty much every big release, except I still think the PS3 gets better overall exclusives.

Get a PS3 slim IMO

ps3 fighters online are kinda laggy… tekken 5, sf2t hd remix never played others on ps3 due to the fact that i have a 360 >.> all the pros have 360s =p, and uhmm… red rings is always epic ;D

Pad shouldn’t even come into consideration. If you will play Street Fighter for the long haul, you will eventually buy a stick.

I wanna say that xbox live is better than ps3, just because it is more versatile. I mean, yeah it cost the mind blowing amount of $4.17 a month (50.00 divided by 12 months) but it gives you the ability to chat with friends who are in different games. Party chat really saves SF4 for me and my friends just because it doesn’t have lobbies. At least we get to talk to each other in between our sets.

Oh and about the communities; they will be as good as you make them. There are plenty of idiots in the world, and sadly they are multi platform. It’s up to you to find players that don’t make you wish you were deaf.

no vs thread allowed

also the failbox 360 is utterly shit, just throwing it out

get the console that all your friends have so you can play with them.

Most games come out for both. Those that are 360 exclusives are usually released on PC eventually.

That said, yeah, best bet is to buy the one your friends have.

ps3 is the cheaper way to go:wtf::hitit:

I think the general skill level on the PSN is higher than on XBL. First time I played on XBL, I remember winning 3 g2 tournies without a problem.

Oh yeah, because that’s obviously a great way to determine skill level.

Anyways, get what your friends have so you can play with them.

Depends on the game. Noticing that plenty of top players are on 360 STHD, including Sirlin himself, and I’ve seen Valle on there too. The only reason the skill level may seem lower on 360, if that there are more people playing, and therefore more scrubs.

The advantage of 360 is you are less likely to get an unplayable match. You see the difference a lot more if the netcode is shitty, such as SC4 or KOFXII.

The PS3 is the cheaper way to go- but the $50/yr for XBL is worth it in my eyes, after seeing the shittiness of PSN.

feels so lifeless, honestly this whole free mic for xbox live thing contributes to it im sure, also the interface is way way ahead of psn’s. psn has just had an update to it’s interface and it’s just laughable, it’s a pathetic update

psn is free and it isnt as laggy on the big games like soul calibur, street fighter 4 (although im from the uk and all the good uk players are on live so its laggy for me lol). games like tekken dr is fucking ridiculous and whats funny is it was A WHOLE lot worse before, I hear HD remix is worse on psn and same for marvel. xbox has a lot more games, has a lot more worth your time arcade downloadable games.

Im really starting to dislike ps3 because it doesnt even give me the option to pay 40 a year and get a better connection on certain games or more and better downloadable games.

who ever says psn compares to xbox live community and online wise your living in a pile of a load of shit lies.

If all you play is fighters, the majority of tournies I have been to operate on the PS3.

However, all of my friends have the xbox360, and I have spent many hours convincing them to ditch the superior social experience of XBL and join me in the boring, lonely, PSN.

Hasn’t the online play for every single fighter been shit on the PS3, compared to the 360?

Let’s not even bring up Marvel.

After paying for XBL, I can say from experience that it is, if anything, WORSE than PSN because of the horrible people on live. Same lag, same interface, worse people.

Most games are played peer-to-peer. If you’re getting a better connection on PSN or XBL, it’s because more people closer to you have the system. It has little to do with the system you’re using.

lol @ all the various fanboys in this thread.

Honestly, I’d very much recommend a 360. I got one because I was fucking tired of dealing with shitty PSN when trying to play HDR, and I haven’t regretted it. Live really is just much better than PSN. Overall I think the PS3 is probably the superior console, but the 360 is definitely much better for online play.

Personally I wouldnt game on PS3 online with fighters. Fighters are just too senstive, too many factors on PSN that result in less desirable connections. You do get what you pay for. I recommend if you want to play fighters online XBL is the way to go.

Anyways, Im planning to pick up a PS3 now with the announcement of PS3 Slim and a lower price.

Best post in this thread. Too many fucking fanboys.

Personally I like PS3 better. Free online is always good in my book.

Wow. Nice, jumping on me like an elitist douchebag. You have fun with that, yo. Anywho, I personally find the skill level to be considerably lower on XBL, though I only own the game on 360 now because everyone here plays on that. That’s the real way to go.