Comparison: Sanwa JLF - default Agetec

i know you can help me out with i got my sanwa JLF which i bought at some random online shop. I only had the default Agetec stick before and the difference is huge. The Sanwa has like only half the throw of the agetec stick.

I wonder if i got a real sanwa since i always thought both sticks were similar, and only the seimitsu had a short throw.

How exactly do you expect anyone to know without a photo of the stick in question and/or a link to where you bought it?

I have no idea what you’re saying. What does seimitsu have to do with any of this?

But if you want a sanwa stick, your only choice is either the VSHG or the hori HRAP 1/2/3. You can get both these off play-asia.

Better just get a custom stick from trading outlet though IMO.

sorry for my bad english guys! :smiley: here we go again

i already have a JLF and an Agetec-Stick
here is my problem:

Agetec.Stick- large throw
sanwa JLF - much shorter throw then Agetec
seimitso LS32 - shorter throw then sanwa?

would this be correct? because i thought sanwa throw is as big as the agetec-stick throw

i really hope someone can understand this :smiley:

LS32 - 6,5mm
JLF - 7,5mm
Agetec - 8mm

ditto what kowal said. take that stock agetick out and put the jlf in there

Wow, half a milimeter, such a HUGE difference. :rolleyes:

for some people it is a huge difference. besides the throw itself, the feel is a whole lot better.

In shmups difference is sensible to 0,5-1mm.

as I can remember I used to have 2 of those DC sticks and i used to hate that i could not pull off moves in Cvs2, so i never used them o boy that was a long time ago, now that i have a sanwa JLF i can do just about anything:sweat:

Its problably a real Sanwa, but unless you tell us where you bought it, and or provide pics, its hard to say, but there is certainly throw differences.

thx everyone. i compared a lot of pictures and i can say it is a real sanwa. it just feels veeery stiff compared to my agetec. but maybe my agetec was just very old, since i bought it in used condition. anyways the sanwas handling is much better.
btw… do street fighter and tekken cabinets do have a square gate as default?

In Japan…

SF = Seimitsu

Tekken = Sanwa

From what I’ve heard of course.

is that throw measured;
from nuetral position to the edge of gate
from nuetral position to the microswitch activation

end of gate

but doesnt it make more sense to measure to the point of microswitch activation for joystick throw comparisons?

if you are measuring throw to the end of the gate, the gate being used should be specified since this has more to do with the gate than the joystick (this distance is not standard between square vs octagonal gates)

those numbers make it seem that the sanwa is as loose as the agetec, and the semistsu is in a league of its own, when, in actuality the sanwa and semitsu seem pretty comparable in tightness to me at least (since on my sanwa JLF octagonal gate i dont even hit the gate on alot of motions), and the agetec seems very loose/awkward in comparison.

RedStar asked about throw not engage

Agetec is shit because has errors in construction, not because there is slowest
about 0,5mm

throw first decide about joystick speed not engage
X-arcade has faster engage than JLF but nobody playing on it in shmups. X has long throw (13mm) fast engage gives him nothing.

i wasnt familar with the terms ‘throw’ and 'engage’
now i know

but are you saying that throw is the more useful measurement out of the two?
because i would think that engage would be the more useful one (seeing as how it is unnessesary to hit the gate to pull off a move)

another thing is that throw measurements are not unique to joysticks (as seems to be implied in this thread), rather they are unique to the gates used, correct?

both are important, but throw is more important.
if you look quick joystick: look first joystick which shorter throw, next then quicker engagement.
LS32 & LS40 hes identical throw but LS40 has faster engage

the different joysticks have the different angle of inclination, and the length of stick.
example2: Compact Joystick (Happ Super) iL it sells him from three different shaft height.
angle of inclination Compact Joystick - 12 degres
on III groove shaft you get 13mm, I groove is faster