Compatibility problems between Cthullu PCB and z87 chipsets?


Hey guys, need some help here, just bought a new PC with the Asus Maximus VI Impact motherboard, it´s a z87 chipset board. And both my arcades custom aren’t being recognized at it. They work perfectly at my old PC, both has the same OS, windows 8.1 64 bits. Eliminating a OS compability problem.

At the Asus Maximus VI Impact manual has the text below:

  • Due to the design of the Intel 8 series chipset, all the devices connected to the USB 2.0 and 3.0 ports are controlled by the xHCI controller. Some legacy USB devices must update their firmware for better compatibility.
    And that’s what I believe ( I am not a computer tech) it´s the problem.
    Anyone else having the same problem? Is there anyway, besides update the PCB firmware, to solve this?

Thanks a lot
Daniel LM


you could always try a PCI USB card… (with Via chipsets)

Hit or miss with them, thankfully they can be found for 8-14 bux


No i can’t :slight_smile: it’s a mini itx system , it has only one pci slot, and no room at the back of the case either. If it’s external it. may work


What arcade sticks are you using?


I have two custom arcade sticks, one uses a cthullu PCB and the other a macunaíma PCB (kind of similar to cthullu, made by a brasilian guy, works with PS3 and PC).


double post.