Compatible joysticks for 360 Hori HRAP Ex?

Hey guys. Im very new to modding and was just wondering if anybody could tell me what Sanwa sticks will easily swap in for the stock stick in the Hori HRAP Ex for 360. Mine is starting to die and I wanted to swap the joystick out. The stock one is, to my knowledge, a JLF that you have to solder directly onto the sticks. Are there any compatible sticks with wiring harnesses that i can just trade out? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!


Any Joystick that you install into HRAP EX will have to be soldered.
No use of Wire Harness.

doesn’t necessarily need to be soldered. You can just cut and strip the wires at the end and then apply quick disconnects on them. I did this to replace the LS-32 on my HRAP EX-SE not too long ago.

Yes, that is the cool way.

I’m always telling people to do that.