Competition (Convex) joystick help

I’m currently using a competition (convex) joystick but I find it to be more resistance and stiffness. is it possible to modify it in a way to make it more loose or do I have to buy a Sanwa octo gate and replace it? another question is it true Sanwa octo gate joystick are more sensitive?

What the fuck?

Do you even know what you’re trying to modify?


I prefer the concave joysticks myself

sorry , I wasn’t too specific of what I’m talking about. :wgrin: I’m new to all this kind of stuff that is why I need help. I need to know is the sanwa GTY octo gate are less resistance and more sensitive to the Convex joystick. the joystick I’m trying to modify is from Arcade in a BOx. another question is it true convex joystick are octo gate too?

I’d like to see a concave joystick.

But I think he’s saying he purchased a Happ Competition Joystick and thought it was too stiff, so he wanted to put an octogate on it… which he can’t. Wow, I’m not really sure how to help here.

“Gates” on JLF’s have nothing to do with the resistance or sensitivity of the stick. What you might want to do is get a softer spring for your “Convex” joystick.

on the subject of actually tryin to straighten out this poor fool

-happ competition joystick (convex/concave are words to describe their buttons)
-sanwa jlf joystick (gty octogate refers to a special restrictor you can buy for the sanwa jlf)

but yeah from what it sounds like you want to reduce the tension of the spring. did that thing kowal did where he “burned” the spring reduce tension or increase it?

yes, this is what I’m talking about. do you know where I can get a softer spring? and is it more of a hassle to replace with a Sanwa JLF GT-Y ?

I got this from Arcade in a Box, its a ps3/360 slim custom with sanwa buttons. I never thought the convex joystick are so tension. I really need to find a to reduce it.

Okay, dude.

Concave and Convex aren’t terms you use with the joystick. They’re for the buttons.

If it is a Happ/iL Competition Joystick that you have and want to mod - forget the Sanwa JLF-GT-Y or anything Sanwa/Seimitsu for that matter.

sorry , I get all mix up and confuse using a wrong term . ya, I like to make the competition joystick more loose and less tension. the Sanwa buttons are perfect just the stick that I have trouble with. :wgrin: can anyone experience with both joystick tell me is the Sanwa JLF GTY are better than the competition stick? or they both the same in the feels of it?

The GT-Y is just a restrictor plate. You cant just buy one of them and put it on a competition joystick. You would have to buy a full Sanwa JLF joystick. The GT-Y is a octagonal restrictor plate for a Sanwa JLF. Also the restrictor plate has nothing to do with the stiffness of your stick.

I can tell you that a Sanwa JLF is quite loose. I’ve never used a Happ Competition stick but I’ve heard they are a lot stiffer. I use a JLF and I find it’s pretty much great for use with most games but everybody has there own preference and some people will only use American parts.

They are currently OOS but LizardLick has a Light spring for this for $0.95 + shipping, Happ ## 95-1309-00. Hope this helps. I think it might be the standard, but you can always go to Home Depot with your spring and see if there’s anything similar but with less tension.

I prefer pentagonal gates on my concave sanwa sticks.

I think there is a lighter spring available for the Happ COMPETITION joystick.

The spring that it comes with is considered a medium stiffness spring.

Compared to a JLF the Happ is going to feel REALLY stiff. No matter what.

Not sure how easy it is to replace a JLF into an Arcade in the box that has a Happ Comp stick already installed.

If you don’t mind risking fucking up your spring, you can put it over a lighter. When metal is heated it loses some of its strength, but yeah better off to get a lighter spring from Lizardlick or a hardware store. You want to ask for a compression spring and you better bring your joystick spring with you to the hardware store.

I prefer my hexagon gate

Nice! Dremel?

yea dremel and a cylinder shaped file.

thank you everyone for answering my question and helping me out. I really appreciated it . I have one last question, does the competition joystick have an corner or edge like a Sanwa JLF GTY octo gate? not a square gate because I know how it is like.