Competition Preparation

I plan on entering this year’s Evo2k(North). In preparation,I’ve purchased an arcade stick for my PS2 to get used to the feel as I am used to controllers. I plan on playing VF5*,TK5:DR, and maybe CVSNK2. I know how fierce these competitions can be,but is there any advice anybody can give me that can help in any way?

*I don’t own a PS3,so I practice with Evo(using Sarah,my best character)

its gonna be tough if you cant practice, you have to get reeeallly used to it
not just occasionally practice

you have to be ready for every situation

what kind of stick did you get?

Naki Wireless Fighting Stick.I’m expecting it on Monday so I can start practicing for real.

thats kinda bad dude
i would go with a custom made one

i bought that once to test it
and there was bad input lag and the stick felt cheap and the buttons really unresponsive =/

and ive never seen it modded before

i guess its on okay stick to learn on

but you cant take that to evo dude

lol “wireless” and “arcade stick” should never be in the same title.

horrible choice of stick.

What do you mean by take? Do you take your own stick or are they already provided?

You take your own stick, but you cannot use wireless sticks/controllers at EVO due to possible interference that could be caused by having a lot of wireless tech operating in close proximity.

Do you know if there’s any way to use the Hori Fighting Stick 3 on PS2 with some sort of converter?

P.S.-How expensive are custom-made sticks?

and 100 - 160 maybe?

Does anyone you know of any non-Gamestop,EB,etc. online stores that carry joysticks,as the mentioned sites do not carry any,and I’m not willing to pay Play-Asia’s overseas shipping.

Check the Buy and Sell threads on this forum… You’ll find some good deals on some used custom made sticks, or you can pay a few extra dollars and get one made for your personal liking.

I bought my ps3 stick at a online store. Gamestop had my 360 HORI DOA4 stick,my 3rd one is custom made. Yeah I agree with them,wireless and arcade stick don’t mix. Plus a lot of practice ( I mean hours a day if possible) would really help u and try to hook up with good players around your area.


^I agree

This is the solution.

Its really up to him on what kind of stick to get. Personally, if he is playing 3d games…better off buying a Hori stick…I actually have a Hori stick to sell (I KNOW THAT SHOULD BE ON THE BUY/SELL THREAD) but it works fine…I plan on getting a Hori Real Arcade Pro v.1…kinda tough to find right now but if you want PM me and we can discuss price on my old Hori stick for PS2/PSX…

Also, you may want to look around for a Street Fighter anniversery Stick…those are “fairly” common around threads/game stores and its an OK stick…if u mod it its a great stick…up to u