Competitive game?

Is this game played at the competitive level? ive played it for a few hours at a friends and love the game but i havent seen anything really about tournaments for it or any great widely known players at it online or youtube. obviously its a new fighter with not as many players as say SF but i fiured id have seen a great player or two on the internet by now.

Lol it’s been out for like 10 months now dude. And while it’s niche game, it probably gets the 2nd most tournament coverage right now (remember, fighting games in general are niche, SFIV is the exception).

Tournaments are often posted on dustloop and not on srk. Texas is a good spot for BB too (Arcade UFO). And what you mean there’s no shit on youtube? Just type in your “character name” and gamechariot on the youtube search link and you’ll get plenty of videos.

It was at SBO, that should be enough of an answer to your question.

Did you actually search youtube? The game was at SBO and Evo, there’s tons of tournaments in practically every arcade in Japan (Kohatsu, gamechariot, etc etc). I don’t follow any of the american tournaments but there’s many posted on dustloop and the tournaments forum on srk.

Yes, it is.