Competitive Gaming:: Anxiety of losing


I play games because I want to hit the spotlight and in the recent month I’ve been able to gain the momentum to climb to master (Starcraft 2) and Diamond 1 (League of legend) and by momentum I mean I straight up outplayed everyone and got myself high without having to really give the best out of me and it nearly felt as if I had a force behind me matching me against weaker opponent or even matching me into free wins.

The issue with that is that I got myself into thinking that I finally hit a point where I was finally ‘‘big’’ and that I would easily become a new treat to the competitive scene in both respective games but I was so wrong.As soon as I climb on top of the mountain and look down to every opponent I had defeat I drop and I dropped so fast that I ignite flames that took a good chunk of my competitive soul and completely made me vunerable and It’s as if I have no longer the will to win.Every game I walk in is the same, I enter the ring with only the Defeat screen in mind. In Starcraft 2 (solo game) I feel so desperate when something go wrong and I lose myself into making more and more stupid mistake and it’s even worst in League of legends (5v5) where I find myself more and more salty everygame and more and more stressed by the fact that I might lose and a recurrent feeling that my team mates are all brain dead.

Now I am here…this week I’ve lost non stop.Not a single victory in Starcraft 2 and I got demoted real fast to lower league, around 60 lost and 5 wins in league of legends.

I’ll be honest with you…as a competitive player that won with ease for a while and that I am now sitting with a constant stress of losing…I am done. I am so done.

I wanted to post my story to know if others have experimented the same momentum and the drastic drop to lower league and if you guys had some tips for me because at the moment I mostly queue for a game with the sole idea that I’ll surrender as soon as possible.


Yeah It’s a big hit, like a REAL big hit, It changes who you are, I’ve just gone back to crafting new players cause I myself just have been trapped in this stigma. I’m getting better though, I can still fuck up scrubs, but when it comes to pro level it’s just something about it that murks me. I write it off as just nerves but man, I’ve lost in the worst ways and I’m not proud of it.

The only remedy is playing with good people, keep hopeful and stay focused.


The key to overcoming your mental troubles is to forget about your wins and your loses. Focusing only on playing to have fun. Once you can have fun again, you will get better.


Idea is to stop treating it like a job and more like a career… Do it because you love to do it. Study it, embrace it.
A job, you do to get by.
But yeah, @MaxGrit got it right.


I have trouble in my pants after seeing this


Trouble in your pants?
That’s terrible. I saw that and had no trouble at all.





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It’s a damn video game


I only play fighters, but I do get anxious about losing cuz them pussies on PSN always run away after you get randomed out on ranked. And when you call them out they don’t respond or they brag about beating you, 95% of the time when I do rematch them I end up beating them, cuz shitty ass online tactics don’t work twice.


pant down isn’t going to help control it.


Instead of playing to solely see you win/lose ratio improve, play to improve and your wins will increase as a side-effect.


I had the exact same experience in games where I was not nearly as competitive. I had been winning a lot in sf4 and had convinced myself that I was no longer a noob, I had finally achieved being decent! Then I started losing a lot. I would get so caught up with the fear of losing that it made the game no longer fun. I play these games to enjoy myself, so I took a break from all fighting games for over 4 months. I just got out of my break because this years EVO made me want to try and get back on the horse. I am going to start playing again but this time just try to enjoy the process not the results.


I actually just played online and had one of those “bad nights”. Fighting games are terrible online.


Don’t let it ger to ya. Trust me, I’ve been hit way harder in my gaming career and I’m still around. Only reason I haven’t traveled is due to all the boring fighting games coming out (hoping blaz cp is good).

It’s possible that you might be thinking way too much into it. Honestly take a break from the game (like a week or two) but do a little research on the side and see how other strong playera deal with it.

Trust me when I say; there’s a lot of players who put way more time than you have in this game, and lost way more.

Sorry we can’t all have boring lives like yourself.


What the anxiety of losing in a damn video game? What oh shit, that urge to slap the guy’s face for styling on you?

Getting that one throw out in super turbo and coming back with 0 life left?

That stuff

Not really a big deal

You sweat, you are thinking oh shit i spent my 50 cents on this, fuck this guy for trying to beat me.

Eh the more you play with real people, the less it effects you.


Get a punching bag, and a set of dumbells. Every time you lose, do 30 reps of curls and punch the bag a couple of times. After a while you’ll get tired of esports and want to bodybuild full time.


i dont get this…you always lose as a fighter unless you are super elite. but with those losses you learn from your mistakes and grow…you build upon them to move to the next level. But with new skills and understanding also means a step up in competition with a new set of better players unless your only playing scrubs. But also they are growing too, tactics that used to work, you developed over the years as what was thought to be good habits may actually be bad. So you have to learn again, understand what you are doing as a fighting game player and get rid of whats bad about your play style and bring in more good. To be a great player you are gonna lose alot, unless you just wanna stay in mediocrity. this is literally something you deal with in all competitiveness no matter if it’s a fighting game or physical sports. to be the best you have to push yourself mentally and physically and not rest on the fact you were winning in the past. Then min you think you made it…you are done for…cause some new hungry kid is coming for you. You will never reach perfection…but you will make a career of trying to.


Stop playing for online ranking.


theres no such thing as pressure its only in your head