Competitive Level Button Setup

Hey guys I know some of this info is in the basics guide but it doesnt necessarily explain what some High Level players use in this aspect.

Currently I use:

And it is working good. I was looking at a video from Revelations where I belive i saw Filipino Champ air dashing with one button.

I was wondering if this strategy is a bit better than the double attack dashing or maybe i just need to work on my speed to get better with it.

Again, I know some of this is covered in the new thread but I believe this thread is to cover some more in depth playstyle.

Thanks in advance! Any help will be appreciated!

Basically the reason why I am asking is because I don’t want to make bad habits if I’m doing something wrong.

Who cares what high level players use? If something is natural and works for you, it’s not a bad habit. A bad habit would be calling Sent drones at point blank.

In any case, I (and most people I know) use:

I Filipino Champ was using only one button to dash, that button probably had two or more inputs, like L+M.

Only reason why I care what high level player use it because they are successfull.

I meant more like speed wise. I’m having trouble Doing quick dashes like magneto triangles.

You mean several air dashes in succession? During flight, you have to “plink” the buttons, not press them at the same time (press one then another really fast, almost at the same time, but not quite).

Or are you trying to say regular triangles, as in jump and then airdash down forward? No trick there, just jump and immediately hold down forward and press two buttons. Doing it several times in a row does require a good rhythm.

You said it already was in the basics thread… you could have asked there instead of creating a new thread