Competitive Online Full Weekend Event


**XBOX 360 **

September 11-13

**Games: **

Street Fighter IV, BlazBlue, MvC2 and Street Fighter 2 HD Remix


BlazBlue and Street Fighter IV
1st $100 or 70% (which ever pot is larger)
2nd 15%
3rd Entry Fee

MvC2 and SFHDR
1st 70%
2nd 10%
3rd Entry Fee

Price :

Blazblue and Street Fighter IV $15
MvC2 and HDR $10

If you join both Blazblue and Street Fighter IV you can join mvc2 and SFHDR for half price, but your head will still count as 10 dollars. Example if 10 people join MvC2 with the discount, the pot paid is $50 but is really $100.

To Pay Click Below:

Character Bans:

HDR: Akuma
BB: No Unlimited Characters
MvC2: None

Game Settings:

Double Elimination
2/3 Rounds 2/3 Games
99 seconds

Character Switching:

Standard Rules Apply


**Tournament Rules: **

Breaking These Can Result In DISQUALIFICATION!

  1. Everyone is required to open their NAT ports and update their routers to avoid the “cant connect” message.

A) To open your NAT ports go to and follow the instructions.

B) To Update your router find the name and model of your router, then go to typing the router name in the search field with the update. Find the link that goes to the router maker’s site and download the update.
(Sometimes requires you to reset router)

  1. Everyone must post their Gamertag ON THE FORUMS before the tournament starts.

  2. You only have 15 min to make it to your match before you forfeit the match.

  3. Player with best connection hosts game.

  4. If you still do encounter the “cant connect” message here are the actions that can be taken place.

A) If the game has lobbies someone else can host the game for you. More likely the streamer or moderator in channel with host it.

B) 1 Player will forfeit due to multiple problems because they didn’t fix their NAT ports or update their router.

C) If early enough, the player will be moved to a different part of bracket to someone he can connect to with 1 warning.

D) If all else fails, a coin toss will decide who moves on.
This is the MAIN reason everyone MUST fix their NAT ports and update their routers.*

  1. During the tournament EVERYONE must have established a way to report wins. The BEST way is to be on and report there.

There are several alternatives to those who don’t have routers such as online messengers or phone texts.

  1. EVERYONE MAKE SURE YOU HAVE PROOF OF WINNING I DON’T REQUIRE IT BUT THIS IS TO AVOID PEOPLE CLAIMING WINS WHEN THEY DIDN’T ACTUALLY WIN. You don’t need it for every win but if someone does give problems a picture can easily be sent.

  2. To help rule 7, every time a game is finished the room must be remade to erase the win/loss record in room.

  3. Every contestant needs a unique account.

  4. For games with lobbies we will be streaming the tournament. If the streamer requests to join your room send an invite or the streamer will send you a invite so the viewers can watch.


We will stream as many matches as we possibly can, with SF4 not having a lobby system will limit our ability to stream. Every other game will be fully streamed, along with being viewable at any time on our channel’s high light section for those who miss the tournament.

For More Information contact me at:
Riptor2032 (aim)
Wolfy2032 (Gamer Tag)
Competitiveonline (
Wolfy2032 (

For those not able to join the tournament for what ever reason you can still watch the live stream on

Good Luck To All And Have Fun!!! For the people not playing enjoy the stream!!!

P.S. As i donate money out of my pocket into the site the prize money will grow atm this is the most we can promise. Im hoping for a $500 prize with in the next 2 months best case scenario. Thanks for the support guys really appreciate it.


Also a reminder until then we are having free tournaments every week.