"Competitive Pause" Option up for consideration IF ENOUGH PEOPLE WANT IT

Nitsuma was on the UMVC3 stream at SDCC for a questionaire. The following conversation took place.

{Question} Will there be a “disable pause” option for tournament play [to prevent accidentally hitting the start button in the middle of a match]?

Nitsuma: We haven’t put anything like that in the retail version, but we might consider putting something like that in if enough people are clamoring about it.

So there you have it folks. If we get enough people to speak up, the days of accidental pausing in a tourny match are over. And if enough positive feedback is given about that, well then we can expect to see all fighting games follow the same route.

Now, I know what some people might say. “Arcade sticks are already built to resolve such issues. We don’t need that.” 2 problems with that is that not everyone plays with those particular arcade sticks, nor does everyone play with arcade sticks at all. And why do the players need to compensate for a design flaw by buying extra accessories anyway? This is an issue that could easily be resolved by the developers.

So I ask everyone. Start “clamoring”, as Nitsuma put it. Demand a Competitive Pause option. /sign if you agree.

This would be good but it still wont fix the issue of dudes forgetting to turn off their PS3 controllers and messing up matches. That still fucks shit up and why I can’t stand pad players at tourneys.

^That’s a PS3 issue right there. We’d have to do all the yelling specifically aimed at Sony to get something done about that. “lolpausing” is a plague for all consoles and has been around forever. Something’s gotta be done about that. Remember to /sign if you agree.

Hell, if we can get this, we should ask for button config at the character select screen too. Maybe if we ask about the netcode too…lol

^I actually tried to ask about the button config thing too, but sadly they only took the competitive pause question. Remember to /sign if you agree.

Bad idea.

Let’s say they add this AND button config at select screen.

You config buttons, select characters, start match. You’re going make sure you assigned the buttons correctly right (hence button check) a button is wrong, you can’t pause > button config anymore, you can’t pause > return to select screen.

Just add a “Restart Match” option to the pause menu so we can skip reselecting characters after a button config.

Folks weren’t using their head when they asked Nitsuma for a disable pause option.
Restart match would be the best idea… ++shoutouts for this.

Now making pause require you to hold the start button for say 2 seconds, that’s a good idea.

Well if they make it as slow as raw tagging, sure?

this is easy to fix surely, just make it so that you need to HOLD the start button for a second or two before it brings up the pause screen. that way even if it accidentally gets hit during play, it wont activate, and then you are still able to access all the pause menu options. i cant have been the only one to think of this.

edit : seems after reading the rest of the comments, i wasnt :smiley:

I’d rather have a rematch option in the pause menu so players can 1. select their team/stage/handicap->2. button check->3. rematch & play,

instead of 1. select a team, etc->2. button check->3. select their team, etc->4. play.

I just noticed someone beat me to saying this but I’m glad to break it down a bit.

Holding start to bring up the pause menu is what I’d like to call beautiful logic. They should do this, it has applications beyond tourny play.

Though I fear not enough people regard this has an issue to make a vocal impact.

It would however not work for the home button if that is accidentally pressed (an issue with pad players)

If you ever press the home button on a PS3 pad, you’re mashing way too hard. There’s about an inch worth of space between the :r: button and the home button. Unless you have hands like Yao Ming, you’re not going to accidentally push the home button.

One thing I always though was retarded was the lack of a restart button in the pause menu. Granted I don’t understand why people have to sit there, choose their team, colors and assists for a button check. You can just use Ryu/Zero/Chris and Cap/Skrull/Doom, check your buttons, then pick your actual team and colors. Its not rocket science.

Hmm, now that idea sounds familiar. :stuck_out_tongue:

On a related note, Mr. X suggested this same thing to Mike Z for Skullgirls, who quickly implemented it and totally fucking loved it. Now, you have to hold down start for 15 frames to actually pause. I’d love to see the same thing in most FGs now.

I sent a tweet to Seth Killian telling him my suggestion of a restart match option in the versus pause menu and for holding start to pause to avoid accidental pauses. I told him Mike Z liked the pause suggestion and is using it. Waiting for a reply.

I also told him I asked the Adon/Blanka SF4 VA to do a impersonation of him lol

I want that PERFECT Screen…

\sign for holding to pause

/sign for holding to pause, and the restart option. My arcade stick has the start button next to the other buttons, and no locking feature. I’ve never hit it accidentally, but I’ve had friends who have. These two options seem like a no-brainer

+1 for “competitive” pause
+1 for pause menu restart
+1 for character select button config
+1 for BlazBlue/HD Remix Superior button config