Competitive puzzle gaming forum?


Hi I really like puzzle games I like to play them a lot! I play a lot of Puyo Puyo 15th Anniversary on the PS2 and I like TGM2 and Puzzle bobble also. I’m looking for the heart of the online puzzle gaming community which I cannot find for the life of me and I’m not sure it exists! Thanks!


I play it online, just visit the online pc matchmaking forum and my puzzle bobble topic. My favorite games are puzzle de pon, puzzle bobble, and Pop N Bounce. I also like puyo puyo but I suck at that since people do play that competitively. AIM me if you want to play anything online.


try here zandkun


Puyo Puyo ftw


pm me for a match


This is the best I can contribute with… =/

It’s for Super Puzzle Fighter =x


  • panel de pon

  • puyo puyo