Competitive video gaming and Doping


I have some really bad pain on my spine so i went to see a doctor, she prescribed me a really strong painkillers and yesterday i played Street Fighter for 4 hours straight and i was shocked and amazed how better i played, i was calm and not nervous at all and i was nailing combos and 1 frame links like a pro.

So im wondering about a thing that came in my mind, even in sports like dart, bowling, shooting, table-tennis and Pool (cue sports) ect ect, were you dont use much muscles, people have been cought for taking doping by illegal substances that calm downs nervousnes and pulse and heartbeat.

Competitive video gaming is growing bigger for every year and there are a lot of prize moneys involded these days, so is competitive video gaming clean from drugs and illegal ubstances that enhance?.




Cocaine is probably the best drug, but the last thing I wanna do when on cocaine is playing street fighter


Poongko dopes on Red Bull while in America. Also, he is powered by nudity aka Eden powered (everybody’s nude in GodsGarden!)




oddly enough. two Steroids/prohormones that would boot gamepaly is 11oxo and “the clear” (the stuff barry bonds was accused of taking) because one of the side effects is enhancing the central nervous system. Before the 2009 ban on 11oxo i was running a cycle of it and was winning games if chess that were way beyond my ability at that time.


Guess drug abuse is the only explanation for why anyone would wanna play SFxT.



I tried playing SSFIV on weed. I was fucking terrible lol.


I used to do a lot of drugs, none of them made me any better at FGs.

Stupid question, probably a troll.


Competitive gaming will eventually test for doping, it doesn’t at the moment.

I know I play better hyped up on energy drinks as I’m more alert and react quicker so it makes sense stuff like cocaine, or performance enhancing steroids could give someone an edge.


why? everyone on here are so paranoid about trolls… there is really no trolling opportunity in this thread, besides for us.


oops i hard the caps on,

but i say that we hne you play dis shit on sum rEAl benzos or hytdromcodone, dat someitmes you be foolin and truppin cuz i be thizzin out when i play sf and shyt

like myn igaa say do that i be da one who thiz and be good anthat shyt but you know what we do.


WORD UP G! pound me sum!!1!1


Illegal drugs are for the weak. I did them, I was involved in that, But it’s not worth it. They make you feel better about yourself for a few hours, then you just sink back down even deeper


Drugs can and will ruin your life in some way or another.

Is your life worth a videogame?


false, smoking weed made my life better. I quit now, and it could have maybe ruin my life, but it didn’t.

after school specials are to popular.


responsible drug use will not ruin your life. every few months ill take an adderall and play street fighter and have a blast. i would never take it before a tournament though, i would feel like im cheating.


“Responsible” use maybe not, but the dependency that you will develop will… not talking about accidental overdoses.
Quitting smoking is hard, quitting a drug is harder.


Pretty much anything that calms the nerves can help at fighting games, as long as you’re not so high you lose your reaction speed. There’s probably herbal teas that would do just as well.

Going to drop acid before we play next time, I think my screaming will distract you enough to give me an advantage.


Back when 4 first came out a friend and I used to buy cocaine and whoever won got to do a line. It was pretty fun but I don’t think it made us play any better.