Competitor Pass for sale


Due to circumstances beyond my control I can no longer attend evo. I have a 80 dollar pass registered for 1 game available.


Hi Akuma,

Due to my slacking and snoozing, I missed out the opportunity to purchase one. I would like to purchase yours. Do you know how to go about in the transferring process?

From the threads I have read, it is noted that the person will have to be there to show their ID and pick up the badge. If you could find out more about it and if it’s possible to not be there to transfer it, that would be great. I wonder if a copy of your ID and a sign release form would work. Please find out and let me know and I would gladly purchase it. Thanks in advance.



I’d be interested in this pass as well


My pass is already gone.


I wonder how many of these threads will be posted before people realize that you can’t simply sell your pass?

Oh, sorry. Just thinking through my fingers. Don’t mind me.


Why not? I cant go I dont want to lose money. How are we dealing with that issue?


There’s been multiple comments about this including by SRK and Evo staff saying to hold on. Basically the process to pick up YOUR badge is to show up to Evo, in person, prove that you’re you, and then you have a badge. So if you don’t go, nobody is claiming your badge. Contact Mr. Wizard by email to check into a refund, but from what staff has been saying there will be an announcement soon about additional availability for passes and possibly an official way to transfer badges. My guess is that only the former will happen in that last sentence. You’ll likely need to just get a refund through whatever cancellation process Mr. Wizard suggests.


EVO registration is non-refundable.


Whoever paid for that pass from the OP might want to ask for a paypal return.


It is a friend of mine here in nyc. we havent made the transaction yet I’m trying to find out what can be done. If there is no refund they have to let people sell/transfer their pass. I honest to god cannot go anymore due to work…I already ate enough lost cash this month I am not feeling losing even more. not one fucking bit.