Competitor’s Pass? Tournament Only Pass?


Hi, this is my first time participating for EVO (from Japan). And I have a question about the Pass for EVO2012. Please help.

My receipt from PayPal (paid to SRKX) says Tournament Registration (50USD), SSF4AE (10USD), KOF13 (10USD). I would like to know if I am signed up for tournament only pass or competitor’s pass.

Thank you,


You are probably part of the competitor pass if your tournament Registration is $50…that means you registered before May 1st?


Yes, I registered in early April.


Yeah…you are part of the competitor pass group.


Thank you so much, I was getting worried … thanks


So competitor pass can spectate on sunday and tournament only pass cannot?

I registered after May 1st and paid 50 + 10(AE).

Competitor registration appears on my paypal, does that mean I have a competitor pass and can view the finals on sunday?

Someone clarify please.


If you payed 50 + games, then that means you registered early.
Early registration means a guaranteed competitor’s pass.
The cost of late registration was 70 + games.


Okay, thanks but I was also wondering if competitor’s pass allows me a spot in Sunday’s finals too.


it does


Thank you for easing my worries