Complain about SFV's hair thread


Clay-Banana hair lock

Camon Capcom, past-gen Maxi made that shit look legit, you can too


Rather have clay hair than put up with the shit gameplay Namco put into SC in the last couple of years.


It only looks clay like in the character select screen (this can be fixed by going back to BEAUTIFUL 2D CHARACTER ART). In game, the character models and their animations are perfection.

Ken’s hair needs some adjustment though.


yup its too intact and sticky together



Asterix alt confirmed


Where yo curleh mustache at, Kenny?


Joke thread or not, the true GREATEST ENEMY is that shit-tastic OST…




Sorry man, but both SCIV and especially SCV had great gameplay.

Aside fromt that, the play-doh hair…i want it gone. Every character has it however, rather wish they made it more like how Tekken does it.
actually layer the hair and texture it where it seems like it has individual strands…atleast to a certain extent.


Thing is, I don’t exactly want this hyper realistic hair.
I feel that’s more a DoA/Soul Calibur thing and Street Fighter should look more like a comic book, which they do well even in 3D.

But yeah his hair looks like ass. I don’t mind the style but the hair needs a buff in visuals.


Cammy’s looks fine. Not keen on Ken’s


Look at his hairline, I think he may be wearing a wig. His hair is short and black. Ken is Ryu!


Nah, Ken just grew his hair a little longer to hide the black hole void on top of his head


Meh, its still a game in development. I wish this now generation would chill the F out already.


Immediately made me think of the Cho Aniki characters with a hole in the top of their head.

Yup. Just the new generation.

Note this is a month before SF3 releases.


There’s only one possible solution to this.

Fighting Game Comedy
Fighting Game Comedy

This has one of the dumbest possible titles of any thread ever.


It sure is cause while I agree the face has issues. Im not worried about it at all. By me saying the face has issues its on the same level as that tweet. Theres 9 months left before this game is even released. To even have a thread or real conversation about this is a waste of time. The now generation it is.


5 months before SF3 released.

People have been complaining before games came out since forever. Yeah, people shouldn’t get too worked up, but this thread was a joke in the first place. I agree with your point, just sayin don’t try and pull that “kids today” garbage.