Complaining... do it here: We're All fed up.. lol

Yea… most of us are fed up.

Sure this year we have a legitamate sponser but what does that matter if the tournement information isnt going to be given in time for everyone to get good rates? Sure we got evo east and evo west… but in all honesty those don’t matter to a vast majority of people. We wanna go to “the big one.”

It’s pretty rediculous that there are no dates yet… I’m pretty sure tournements start with dates… then work backwards… or am i just being stupid?

Point is… we need these dates asap… i know you have said they will be coming soon wizard but that was like 2 weeks ago. Wtf is the holdup?

Also the MvC2 evo 2k5 disk still hasn’t come out yet.

I am just waiting for the T5 DVD to come out.

SRK isn’t releasing the Tekken 5 DVD. Tekken Zaibatsu was in charge of it and they chose to release it in seperate video files rather than 1 ISO. To download it, you have to be a Tekken Zaibatsu Supporter which is a $20 minimum donation.


One more week.

I paid 20$ to zaibatsu yesterday, and did the forwarding email to that address. It still says my account isn’t that of a supporter. Does anyone know how long it usually takes to activate?

Sometimes it takes up to 72 hours. Just be patient, you’ll be activated soon enough.

promising NY and not holding up kinda sucks, at least it wasnt changed until the date was announced, any later would have been a nightmare…

Aight thanks for the info.

Uh, maybe you people should be happy that EVO is happening at all this year.

No. That would be off topic and should be included in the thread “Praises… do it here: SRK ROXORS… lol”

kugler: you gotta realize too that this really is a concern for people. like right now, im only a couple hours away from vegas, but with the dates taking so long, my chances of getting whatever days off of work for evo is getting slimmer and slimmer. everyone is now booking all their vacations at my work in august and now i might be screwed. and i know im not the only one. i know wiz and cannons trying to outdo all the attempts in the past, but the dates are taking too long for a lot of people that have busy lives.

its a very honest concern

I hear you Sabre

especially since evo really is 4 days and not just the weekend… (thurs - sun)

5 if you count everyone trying to get there and get settled on Wednesday like last year