Complaints about the way you block?

Obviously in the street fighter series and pretty much every fighter out there, you hold back to block, have you ever disliked that? Or just complained about it?
It’s not hard to get the hang of and play with, but a friend of mine says a button assigned to block would be much better. I don’t think that would be bad, but at the same time I don’t think it would be much better. Thoughts?

I would rather hold nothing to block. That sounds like good game design to me. Maybe I can mash a command throw while doing it too…

I’m the opposite, I hate games where I blocking is anything other than holding back. This is my number 1 complaint with Soul Caliber

Isn’t there a setting for that on Tekken? where doing nothing = high/mid block…

That’s the default blocking method for Tekken.

I think back is perfect for blocking, cannot stand button blocks like MK and SC.

Button blocking really wouldnt work in fast games imo.

it worked in UMK3, and that game is mad fast.

Never really played UMK3, just can imagine somethink like the V.S games with the added button for blocking being a bit too much.

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Holding back to block is my preferred way of blocking, i hate holding a button because that just means there’s no less button for an attack, making the entire button config something really strange to me

Holding back creates crossups and crossup-related mixup games, which can be a cornerstone of gameplay depending on what you’re playing (Mostly any 2D title outside of MK).

If a game doesn’t require it to create entertaining game flow, it’s merely an extraneous engine facet to create depth and options. This isn’t always a good thing, but it rarely harms a title if the game engine is designed and balanced to support its’ inclusion.

Good games designed with other forms of blocking obviously have different systems in place to create a level of entertaining depth. Whether or not your blocking system works is if it avoids creating an unentertaining flow to gameplay by having block stop too many options, or by not stopping any.

tl;dr - It’s inconsequential. SFIV and many other 2D games would break if block was hamfistedly bound to a single button, and certain 3D games definitely don’t require holding back to block due to the sheer fundamentals of their design, nor are designed for it.

Your friend is an idiot/is silly. Let him be enlightened by my words.

I prefer to hold back to block. I take it you friend who enjoys holding a button is a MK fan,eh?! :stuck_out_tongue:

… use either or. neither is perfect, and both are easy to get used to. button blocking woukld be stupid in streetfighter cause there would be no crossups. but, it works fine in soulcalibur since the mixups are high low, and the game is more basaed on counter hitting… etc etc.


How does button blocking work in MK? With all the moves that go front/back/up above/down below, I figured blocking would be rather difficult, but is it really just holding one button to block everything?

hold block. then just press down to block low. block by itself will block everything mid/high.
in MK, blocking standing pushes back the attacker, blocking crouched will not.

also, chip damage exists on normal moves, so you cannot just block all day. holding “back” in MK also prevents you from being thrown.

I prefer button blocks instead of holding back and auto block.

either/or. it depends on the mechanics of the game.

hold back for sure is preferred for me.