Ok, I have a couple complaints (none of which are gameplay related, since I really am loving it, and most of which is online related) I wanted to voice out, that I originally posted on the SSFIIHDR GD Thread, and here they are:

  1. Why the hell do you only get one game per Scoreboard Match? I fail to see any reason for that. Sometimes you played a really good game, and feel like playing that guy again, no-can-do because of that feature. Other times you feel cheated and wanna play that mofo again, once again thats a no-can-do, because of the feature. So my suggestion is to make play again optional AND once the person leaves, bring us back to searching for another game, not back to the menu.

  2. What the hell is the Tournament Scoreboard for? Originally I thought it’d be a portion where it show the online tournament rankings, or ranking on who wins the most tournaments. This is not so since, yesterday I gathered about 5 tourny wins only to find out it just shows the most recent tournaments. What the hell is that for? I think even the most boredest fuck would prefer to see paint dry, than to see the most recent tournaments.

To be honest I never took the scoreboard matches seriously and only took the tournaments seriously, as I used characters I was training w/ such as Fei Long to scoreboard (seeing as though Friendly was way too easy and wanted to up my game). So of course it made me disgruntled when I saw my scoreboard match ratio was 12-8 and no ratio data on tournament matches, which would probably be 2.5 to 1 (people have no idea how to beat the random aerial Claw and E.Honda).

  1. Once again, I’m gonna tackle the tournament portion. Why is 8 the max amount of players? Why can’t there be 16 or even 32 players tournaments? Why isn’t there a losers bracket? The fact that there is none of those means it becomes increasingly annoying to set up forum-sanctioned tournaments. IMO the # of players (for the public, not private slots) shouldn’t be 4-5-6-7-8 and instead be 4-8-16-32-(or more if possible, but doubtfully). Seriously, I can’t imagine any scenario where I would want to have 5, 6, or 7 players unless I have a mental deficiency.

  2. Oh yes, I was on a tournament, and I won against this Ryu first round, and for some reason the opponent advanced next round. Whats up with that? It really didn’t bug me but if it’s happening to many other people, it needs to be patched. I saved the pic on to my phone and will upload it later if anyone wants proof.

  3. <nononline related> I use a stick, and I find myself resetting the button setup, about half the time I play this game. Is this happening to anyone else?

Feel free to tell me your opinions bout my complaints (as in you agree, disagree, or tell me I’m wrong and why). And if theres something else you want to add to the list, go for it.


Yeah I don’t like the one-game for match thing, maybe for quick search but not the list of games; as far as the tournament stuff go, i’ve only played one so i don’t have much to say


Should rename this thread to WAAAAAAAHMBULANCE


Well, I believe there are diminishing returns or whatever for playing the same person over and over again, so there’s no point in rematching someone unless it’s for fun, but then that’s what friendly matches are for.

My rec is roughly around 120-20 and I’m ranked around 150. My friend’s rec is around the same as mine too, but he’s ranked in the 70s. Part of this is because I’ve been playing a lot of people 2-3 times during my sessions.

Btw, when your opponent DCs, do you both get losses? I’ve had people DC purposely after getting owned the first round. Then I also notice my losses have been stacking up.


one match for ranked is very obvious, so people cant abuse it and cheat using dummy accounts.

yes points do scale playing the same person, but it still goes up. and they might like having a godlike win loss record

edit: its irrelevant anyway. its too easy to cheat the rankings, no real point. if you get a good game with someone on ranking, make him your friend.


Sabre: Yeah if the person is dedicated enough, he might as well keep joining his dummy’s scoreboard match each time. But yeah I guess I have to get used to it if we’re really that weary on cheating the system.

CWheezy: Wow your cool? (not really following how an ambulence can be related to WAHHH though)


unfortunately, a lot of people do waste a ton of time, cheating the system. its already happening im afraid. top ranks on xbl are cheating like mad. so obvious. i got my 100 win acheivement and i am finished with ranked. no point =/ rankings will be forever flawed, no matter the game


okay so this is the thread where we can say that hd remix is stupid.

so here goes…

fuck hd remix!

and yes, st and hd remix, to me, feel like two entirely different games.


no, shut up


My only complaint is the 360 controller being a piece of horrible shit design for fighting games.


Them feeling different is supposed to mean what exactly?


HD = the old low tier characters actually get play! that in itself promotes more variety in competition!

you know there’s an ST subforum waiting for you to sit there for days on end, looking for a new post, right? :rolleyes:

another whiny bitch.


*pokemon >>>>>>>>>> digimon * D:

  • Get less than a second to leave a player match lobby after your match is over.

  • Can’t leave a player match during the character select screen, or at the beginning at end of a round.

  • Being unable to join a custom match takes you back to the online menu, not back to the match list.

  • Lag at high pings is nowhere near as good as GGPO.


I was wondering this myself. How are you supposed to leave a player match? The option doesn’t seem to be there in the pause menu, and the game lobby is never up long enough to exit it between matches. I’m forced to hit the guide button and return to dashboard or sign out at the character select screen. There has to be a more graceful method of quitting a game.


The matchmaking interface is complete shit. Seriously, whose idea was that? I can’t ever get out of a match or prevent someone from joining one I make. The 360 “player match” quick match option forces you into lobbies which is totally different than the PS3 version.

The music disappears all the time on the 360 version and the life bars get wonky. I thought there was a beta for this…


This. If you wanna leave you gotta mash that shit. WTF?

Its a small erk of mine but can I please get some sort of sound that tells me when someone as joined the room. In room play its not that big of a deal. Maybe little lights that are under the timer for each person in the lobby. When it really gets annoying i when your doing a quick match and you need to pee or answer the phone. Just something to tell me someone joined besides the sound of time running out and I’m stuck with Ryu.

This might be off topic but can you stop the cursor sound on the character select screen?


i think its not that bad for charge characters. just be sure to use the stick and not the stupid d-pad!


I know man lol I have to psyck myself up to push the bottons quick enough :snka::snkb: :u: :snka:


When the music stops playing the game makes me sad.


I’ve had an issue where the game locked up on me at the Vs. screen. I think this happened after I left a lobby online. I picked Ken, my opponent was Blanka. I get to the vs. screen and nothing happens after that. When I press buttons, the background speeds up like normal, but I never get past that screen. This issue occurred in single player remixed mode.