Complet newbie starting with fighting games

Hey guys.

I would really love to start playing fighting games, but I am not really sure which one I should pick up. Maybe I should mention, that I would like a game where an arcade/fight stick is not really required.
I already own MK9 and I love how “simple” the fight is, I know it is not THAT simple, but I mean that you have only 4 buttons to combo with. MK9 is great, but the game online is kind of awkward and laggy.

So do you guys have any recommendations?

Thanks a lot.

PS: I play on PS3.

Tekken and KoF are complex and have only 4 buttons. KoF has shit online though.

From what I have seen, I really like Marvel vs. Capcom 3, but is that game “gamepad” friendly and beginner kind of friendly? I know it has 4 buttons too + 2 asists. But I am worried that I would be overwhelmed by all the combos and 3 characters at all times.

^It’s fairly friendly for pad. You just have to settle on a configuration that you like. Personally, I’d for for the four main attacks (L, M, H, S) on the face buttons, and the Assists on the shoulder buttons. Some characters are better when you used them on stick though, and MvC3 online might not be the best.

Another pad friendly game would be Injustice. It’s made by the same guys who did MK9, and as such it has a familiar feel and flow about it.

How come the online is not so great in MvC3?

Lag spikes hit you hard.

Does it happen really that often and bad that it is not worth playing?

Yes, it happens often.
No, it’s very annoying, but still fun to play.

If you liked MK9, try out Injustice: Gods Among Us. It’s from the same studio that made MK9, and is designed to be pad-friendly. The game is fairly easy to pick up, but has it’s complexities.

Number of buttons is not a way to judge a game’s complexity…

Oh, sure, I understand. But I feel like 4 button game is easier to learn, atleast it seems for me.

MK9 is as easy as it can get…dial-a-combo system…

I would go with KoF if you have an offline scene

Skullgirls is pretty easy as well, with great netcode.

Sounds like you want Injustice, since it’s the most similar to MK9 and incredibly easy to learn. For many characters, you’ll be able to do all of their best stuff within hours, even as a beginner. The only problem is that the netcode is pretty bad.

Persona 4 Arena is a fairly good beginner game on the anime side. Half of the characters are easy to play, and the game has amazing netcode, but it’s like night and day from MK9/Injustice.

UMvC3 IMO is fairly hard to get into just because it will take you a long time to recognize what is happening and learn all of the matchups, and you might get frustrated with not understanding why you’re losing. Wavedashing and plink-dashing will also probably be difficult for a beginner on pad. If you favor heavy teams, you can cut out some of the learning curve.

Edit: Skullgirls is actually a really good recommendation if you like Marvel, since it’s inspired by MvC2 but has a lot less clutter on the screen, and fewer characters to learn. The netcode is also superb.

Is the lag in Injust just as bad as in MK9? I tried the demo of Skullgirls, did not really like it, not sure why, just did not feel right.

Persona 4 looks really interesting, but I am not sure how it really plays, I have seen some youtube vids and it kinda seems like “mess”, it all blends with the background etc…, of course you would get used to it. But seeing it for the first time, I was hella confused :D.

Pocket Fighter, very fun to play with friends and pad friendly, but it’s a very old game. In all seriousness, just because you play on pad, you shouldn’t limit yourself to what games you can play. I myself play on pad and I play whatever fighting game I want to play. You should at least give Street Fighter a try, but if you want a game that is pad friendly, I suggest injustice or tekken. Oh yea, and soul calibur.

How are all these games btw populated, are there still active players online? I kind of want to pick up something that would be played in the next months/years. MK9 is kinda bad, there is very few people online.

Wat? Wave-dashing is easiest on pad. Just set one button dash and alternate that button with down on the d pad. On a PS3 pad, it’s like impossible to mess up.

Persona I hear still has a good online community. I never play it online since I’m horrible at the game, so this is just what I hear.

SF4 will have tons of players online for years to come, especially with the Ultra update due next year.

Injustice I feel will still be active for quite a while, but it might die off after the initial hype. Time will tell…

I would play injustice, I would say Mahvel, but it took a LONG time to digest what was happening.

Injustice is fairly simple, takes some gettin used too, and it is easy to play the majority of the cast, so you can mess around with more than 1 character.

Or wait for divekick only requires two buttons, low execution barrier, high skill cap.

But if you want to do well, you’d damn well better like Superman lol