Complete and utter newbs guide to Remy

I’m a complete newb to this game but I picked up remy at the arcade cause he kinda plays like guile.

I need tips please :slight_smile:

Keep in mind that I am a complete newb to this game (but I play other games, SFA3/CvS2) so I might need you to explain some game-specific terms.

Thanks in advance

Since you’re a beginner, I suggest playing defensively, with liberal use of lights of virtue (sonic booms). Don’t just turtle or back yourself into a corner, because if they manage to get in close, remy is at an extreme disadvantage.

Moves you should be using most often are the standing strong and the standing forward. the far versions are relatively quick and have good priority, and especially range. Don’t sweep unless you’re at max range, because they can retaliate very easily, and always remember that the second hit can be parried straight up (not a red parry, which is parrying a move after blocking a string which would normally combo).

For air-to-air battles, his jumping fierce and roundhouse are both good. The jumping fierce is a knockdown when they’re also in the air and you can juggle them with a flash kick or reset them with a normal move.

The super a beginner should use is probably the first, light of justice, I believe it’s called. It doesn’t do very good damage but it can be used as a far anti-air, pushes them back a lot, and has great recovery. Practice the crouching jabx2 into super, and once you get comfortable you can move to the second one, which is more damaging.

If you neutral throw in the corner, charge down, and you can flash kick most characters before they hit the ground.

If you get them in the corner, keep them there with the strongs and forwards (crouching and standing). If they try to jump out, standing strong or an early crouching fierce works well.

His far standing fierce is a good move to use after you knock them down. Keeps remy away and can’t be parried low.

A basic jump-in you can use is jumping fierce, crouching strong, flash kick. Once you get more accustomed to charging, you can do a standing forward into the flash kick, or if they’re standing, a standing fierce into flash kick.

Don’t forget about universal overheads! It has many advantages including being in the air.